Ulaif TENS Unit + Massager Combination Review

Ulaif TENS Unit + Massager Combination ReviewFeatures

This TENS unit goes slightly above and beyond in terms of dual channel output: it actually offers 2-4 channel output, meaning you can use all eight of the electrode pads at the same time. If you need to treat a particularly large area with TENS therapy or massages, then this is a good device to do so, as you won’t be limited to just using two or four pads.

This device also uses removable batteries rather than a rechargeable, proprietary lithium battery, which has both serious benefits and tangible downsides. On one hand, you’ll never have to wait for this device to charge. All you need to do to get it up and running is to swap out batteries. The AAA batteries used in this device are also easy to find pretty much anywhere. That said, it could be a bit of a hassle if you find yourself out of batteries and have to visit a convenience or hardware store to find some new ones.

This device also has some pretty clever internal features. There’s a memory function, so if you have a particularly good massage or experience one day, you can look back the next day and figure out exactly what your settings were. There’s no need to dial it in every time. In addition, after being in use for 20 seconds without any additional input, this device will automatically lock its keys (which you can unlock by pressing the (-) button). This feature is designed to keep you safe, so you won’t inadvertently increase the intensity or change the massage type while you’re already using it.

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Massage Technique

This unit comes with 18 different TENS modes, but only three massage modes. The TENS modes are separated into six body areas (shoulder, back, arm, hip, leg, joint), with three different modes for each kind of treatment. They’re also tagged by their massage/therapy type, such as knocking, kneading, Shiatsu, acupuncture, etc. Overall, while we appreciate the plethora of available TENS modes, a few more massage modes would have been a good addition for this particular TENS unit.


Like most TENS units, this one’s made of plastic. That said, the rubber finish on the buttons is a nice touch. They’re a bit squishy, but they’re easy to find and press, even in the dark (as long as you know the device’s layout beforehand). In addition, the pads this unit comes with are pretty high-quality. While you may find that you want to buy aftermarket pads (especially if you’re normally sensitive or allergic to electrode pads), the included ones should work perfectly for most users, which isn’t necessarily something that can be said about all packaged TENS unit pads.


This particular TENS unit’s design is a bit unique in comparison to much of the competition. While it doesn’t particularly look a medical device you might find in a doctor’s office or a hospital, neither does it look like a sleek smartphone or a totally ubiquitous piece of technology. It features instead an LCD screen taking up much of the device’s face, along with rubberized buttons on both the front (below the LCD screen) and sides of the device. There are also rubber grip accents to assist in holding it while in use.

Overall, the design might not be the prettiest, but it’s one of the most accessible ones we’ve seen and without question one of the top-rated tens unit we have on our list. This is great for users who don’t have full motor function or elderly users who might be worried about dropping their unit or fiddling around with small buttons or a touchscreen.

In terms of price and build quality, it’s more or less right in the middle of the pack; it costs basically as much as almost every other TENS unit we’ve reviewed, and has a similar level of functionality. That said, nothing particularly stands out about this unit besides its design; so that’s the sole reason one should buy it over a different device.

Pros and Cons


  • Accessible design with large, easy to press buttons
  • A large range of different TENS modes
  • Very portable and easy to hold in the palm of your hand, even for smaller users


  • Not necessarily the sleekest or prettiest device; it looks pretty functional
  • Rather limited range of massage options in comparison to this unit’s TENS capabilities

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Overall, this device is easy to recommend to users who care more about the EMS/TENS function than they care about getting massages, or to users who want a very functional device that they’ll be able to use easily and without stress. You won’t have to fool around with tiny buttons or an unresponsive touchscreen on this TENS unit, which is perhaps its biggest strength. It simply just works and furthermore, it’s also easy to use. There’s not much more the average user needs from a midrange TENS unit like this one.