TechCare Massager TENS Unit Plus 24 Review

TechCare Massager TENS Unit Plus 24 ReviewThe TechCare Massager Plus 24 TENS unit is so named because of its wide variety of different massage modes — 24 to be exact. As such, this is one of the more versatile TENS units we’ve reviewed. The massage modes really are a main focus, in everything from the software to the physical design of this unit. Unlike other TENS units, it’s possible to get much more than just standard TENS or EMS stimulation here.

With that in mind, this is one of the TENS units we’d recommend most highly to people who are seeking the ultimate in massage therapy, and for whom TENS/EMS capability is more of a secondary consideration. For those who are primarily interested in TENS therapy, there are other models out there that will give you a few more options. But if you need both TENS/EMS and a wide range of different massage techniques, this may just be the right TENS device for you.

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A-B output, also known as dual output, means that you can use it on two separate parts of your body. You could also use it along with someone else if a family member or a friend also needs TENS stimulation, adjusting each channel’s intensity and massage type individually. You can also simply use two pads at a time instead of the maximum four, directing all the power to a single spot on your body rather than spreading it out.

Unfortunately, it does only come with four electrode pads. That’s more than workable for most users, but a lot of current TENS units actually come with six or eight pads so you can treat even more areas at the same time. This definitely isn’t the biggest drawback ever, but it’s still certainly one to consider when buying this unit. If you know that you want to use TENS therapy simultaneously on three or more different body parts, this isn’t the unit for you.

With up to 20 hours of continuous use available on the internal, rechargeable lithium battery, this TENS unit is pretty convenient as far as charging goes. That’s a longer time period than most pocket-sized TENS units are capable of. It can be charged either via USB or through the wall charger.

There’s also an adjustable timer, which can shut the TENS unit off whenever you want to finish your session.

Massage Technique

As previously stated, there are twenty four different massage programs included, ranging from tapping, acupuncture and foot massages to a variety of combinations and more. There are even four types of massage modes that mimic Tai Chi-style massages. Aside from that, standard massage types like kneading and Swedish are available in several different iterations. Overall, it’s hard not to be satisfied with the wide range of options on tap in terms of massage technique and intensity.


This TENS unit’s design is pretty eye-catching; it’s sleek and all black, with a large, 3.75” LED screen with a blue backlight. It looks almost like a smartphone, which is a good thing in our books. With its relatively low profile, you won’t get any strange looks or weird questions while using it or carrying it around, but it also doesn’t look like an outdated medical device you might find in a hospital ward. This TENS unit looks more like a ubiquitous piece of technology you’d see anybody carrying around — albeit a rather nice one.


Like most TENS units, this one has a plastic housing. That said, the all black design is relatively attractive compared to the competition. The LED screen on the front is relatively large as well, at 3.75”. Unfortunately, the screen is not touch-sensitive, which is a bummer considering how nice the unit looks and its form factor, which is roughly equivalent to a smartphone.

That said, the TechCare Plus 24 also comes at a very reasonable price, so the lack of touchscreen is to be expected. In this case, we’ll take the unit’s accessible cost over a touchscreen which could easily double the MSRP, and might not be well-implemented anyways.

Pros and Cons


  • Great design is sleek and works well
  • Elegant without being eye-catching; doesn’t look overtly medical
  • Has a plethora of different massage modes
  • Great battery, with 20 hours of continuous use available


  • No touchscreen
  • Only four electrode pads rather than six or even eight

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Despite the fact that this TENS unit is no more expensive than most midrange options available, it offers a nice, sleek design and a very wide range of different massage simulation modes, with everything from acupuncture to Tai Chi to Swedish massages, in a range of different styles and intensities. For that reason, this is one of the best deals you can get on a TENS-style massage device. It’ll also do normal TENS/EMS therapy, of course. If you are interested in more TENS unit reviews you can read our full TENS unit guide here.

While a touchscreen would have been nice, we can still wholeheartedly recommend this unit for its massage capabilities alone, as well as its good design and long battery life.