Sierra Comfort Basic Portable Massage Table Review

Sierra Comfort Basic Portable Massage Table ReviewUnlike Sierra Comfort’s other option which we’ve previously reviewed, the Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table, this model is much simpler, though it retains many of the same basic features. Just like that more premium offering, however, this table is also a little on the expensive side, especially for an option which is flagged as basic.

As such, we think that this is a nice massage table that’s well-designed and if you’re in the market for the best folding massage table you can find, this one will do just fine.

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As hinted at by the product title, this table isn’t very heavy on the features. In fact, it’s more or less stunningly basic.

It offers handles on the sides for easy carry. There are also clasps on either end of the table for you to keep it closed while it’s in its folded form. And that, more or less, is where the features end.

This model doesn’t come with a cutout for face down massages, or an included set of arm and head rests. It doesn’t come with a carrying case of any sort, or any other massage accessories like sheets or oils. In contrast with Sierra Comfort’s premium massage package, this is essentially just the basic table itself.

The feature set, however, is not this massage table’s main charm. Users who want an extensive set of features will simply have to look elsewhere; this table is purpose built to provide a pared-down massage experience, which it does very well.

Dimensions and Product Design

This table is 72 inches long and 28 inches wide, which is more or less standard for most massage tables. Unlike other options, however, it doesn’t come with any included arm or head rests, so you’re really only getting that 72×28” table itself. There are 2” of foam padding on the deck underneath the PU synthetic leather covering.

There is one benefit, however, to this table’s stripped-down essence: weight. At 32 pounds, this table is much lighter than competing tables that offer those things. If portability is of the essence and you’re willing to prioritize moving your table around over all else — even features, cost, comfort and functionality — then this is the perfect table for you. It’s lightweight, no frills, and can easily be stored anywhere due to its lack of accessories.

Users looking for a transportable massage table may want to buy an aftermarket shoulder bag/carrying case, however, as this model doesn’t come with one.

In terms of design, this table is pretty simple and clean. The foam and synthetic leather tabletop sits above a fairly standard wooden frame, which is bolstered by metal support cables.


Just like Sierra Comfort’s all-inclusive package, this table is constructed from premium materials, and it does indeed feel good to use. It’s comfortable and stable. The two inches of foam on the deck are substantial enough for even heavier users to feel great while using this table for extended periods of time.

In every respect, this is simply Sierra Comfort’s premium massage table offering with all the extras and features stripped away. It’s a very good quality massage table, and almost anybody who uses it will likely be happy with the result.

That is, unless they particularly need a certain feature, like a headrest that accommodates facedown massages or winged armrests. In such cases, the quality of this massage table decreases dramatically, simply because it can’t accommodate the given user’s needs. While this table’s materials and comfort are of the highest quality, if you know you need some of those extras then skipping this one for an option that has them is a good idea in the long run.


The two inches of deck foam are covered with a synthetic, PU leather covering which is easily cleaned and maintained, and also waterproof and oil-resistant. The frame’s legs are made of wood, with a set of metal support cables helping to hold it up.

Pros and Cons


● Simple and pared-down
● Lightweight and easily transported
● Made of premium materials despite its simplicity
● Slightly less expensive than other, more feature-rich options


● Doesn’t include many features besides the table itself

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The Sierra Comfort Basic Portable Massage Table is a great choice for anybody who wants to get back to basics. It features almost nothing besides a solid, well-designed massage table itself. Some users will need extra features and in that case, it’s not a good fit. Other users may balk at the comparatively high price for such a basic massage table. But those who do invest in this table will likely find themselves pleased with its performance — as long as they know what to expect.