Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table Review

Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table ReviewFirst things first: this table is quite a bit more expensive than many other tables that you can find online. In fact, it’s double the price, if not more, depending on what you’re comparing it with. For a table that looks more or less similar in construction and design to generic, mass-produced tables, that’s a lot of money.

So is it worth it? In our eyes, undeniably yes. This table looks similar to a cheaper one, but once you get up close it’s easy to tell the difference. In both craftsmanship and materials, this table easily trumps most of the competition and that is why it is one of the best-rated massage tables currently available on the market.

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The feature set of this table is quite extensive in comparison with cheaper ones, which is one factor that goes into its much higher asking price. The foam deck which covers the tabletop, for example, is 2.5” high rather than the standard 2” or less. In other words, this table is just comfortable. Even heavy users will be able to lay on this table for long periods of time without worrying about pressure points or wearing out the foam, as one might do on a cheaper table.

There are also a number of included extras which could make the difference for professional masseuses. This table package includes a set of fitted sheets, a semicircle bolster, and accessories like an oil pouch, a towel hanger and a carrying case for the table itself. Basically, the extras are all catered towards serious or frequent users for this massage table.

Dimensions/Product Design

When extended, this table measures 74” by 33” by 28” (width/height/depth). When folded up, this table measures 38” by 28” by 7”. Overall, the dimensions are more or less par for the course. They’re suitable for small users and large users alike, with enough space to cover even someone a couple of inches over six feet. The table’s foam covering is 2.5” deep, which is higher than most

The table’s legs can be adjusted from 23” to 33”. The travel of 10” is about standard for a massage table, and could have been extended for much this one costs, but it’s not a big issue. What’s more important is that despite the adjustable height feature, this frame maintains structural integrity anyways.

In terms of product design, however, this table does fall slightly short. Everything works, but for the price, it essentially looks like a much cheaper table. We would have liked a slightly more innovative design if paying twice as much as we normally would. With that said, it’s unlikely you’ll notice that while using it, as it operates so smoothly.


Though you might not think so when looking at it from afar, this table exudes quality as soon as one steps up close to it. The stitching, for example, is very durable and looks more even and regular than the stitching found on less expensive tables. The foam is thicker, and the legs look and feel more stable. The supporting cables are even coated to prevent against degradation or humidity, which is more than can be said for the majority of portable massage tables.

In short, this is a premium massage table, and you’ll pay a premium price for it. Whether or not that price is worth it depends on how frequently you’ll use this product, as well as what your starting budget is. As far as we’re concerned, this is a massage table for those who want to go professional or those who are very, very serious enthusiasts (as in, you practice massage on a daily or weekly basis). Infrequent users who are looking for something they can pull out every once in a while don’t necessarily need to pay as much as this table costs to get a good massage experience. Those who do, however, will probably find that their money has been very well spent.


The table’s frame is made of hardwood, with a coated set of metal tension wires that run along the legs and shore up the frame for increased stability and safety. The table is then covered by 2.5 inches of high-density foam across the entire tabletop. Lying on top of it all is a PU synthetic leather covering which is vegan-friendly, cleanable, and doesn’t pick up any oils or body odors that a different fabric might.

Pros and Cons


● Beautiful craftsmanship and attention-to-detail went into this table
● Stable construction doesn’t flex or move around, even under heavy stress
● Adjustable height with a range of 10”
● Premium accessories included


● Design is unremarkable despite its solid construction

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Make no mistake — this is a premium massage table. It’s costly and almost double the price of some competitors, but that cost may be worth it if you’re a serious user. This table functions extremely well and is very solidly built, even despite the simple design.