Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table Review

Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table ReviewAs Saloniture is a large, fairly well-established brand in the massage table business, we were expecting any offering from them to come with a range of features, a smart design, and decent materials that would top any generic, third-party offering that you could find for cheaper.

Luckily, we weren’t disappointed.

This is one of the best picks available for a mid-range massage table. Sure, you could go a lot more expensive and find one that has more technology, better materials, and a premium design. But this massage table offers the best combination of features that you can find around a $100 price point, without going too far over. We recommend this item because it is a good portable massage table.

As such, it’s easy for us to recommend this massage table to almost anybody. Those who are used to nice things won’t be disappointed by it or its capabilities. Those who are looking for a bargain will love the low price and included extras, like a carrying case, as well as the sleek design. In short, if you’re wondering about it, you should probably just buy this table.

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One of the things that sets this table apart from third-party, generic, brandless offerings is its feature set, which is slightly more advanced than generic competitors.

To start with, there’s an arm sling under the headrest, as well as two winged armrests on either side of the table that provide support to anybody who has a slightly wider body or shoulders than most. The table also takes seriously the possibility of facedown massages, with a cavity in the middle, upper-third of the chair which can be popped out (in addition to the built in headrest at the top of the chair).

The face rest contains 3” of high-density foam, while the majority of the table rests upon 2” of high-density foam. It’s not gratuitous, but that’s more foam than some budget options offer, which guarantees comfort.

This table also comes with a carrying case and has handles on either side of the table for easy carrying. Chrome clasps on the side allow masseuses to securely close the table up and transport it without having to wrangle a constantly opening table around.

Overall, the feature set is exactly what we’d expect from a solid, midrange table. It’s not super expensive or technology based, but everything a potential user would need is there.

Dimensions and Product Design

This table is 84” long with the included headrest and 37” wide with the winged armrests on either side. When folded, the table is 36” long, 7.25” wide 28” high. It can support up to 450 pounds.

The product design is easily one of this product’s highlights. This is exactly what we think a midrange massage table should look like. It folds up relatively easily, with the face rest and arm sling resting neatly within the cutout provided by the table legs. The support cables go slack when you fold it up, but not so much so that it’s hard to store them within the table. And the clasps on the side of the table allow you to secure it for carrying or storage once folded.


While this isn’t a premium massage table, it is a very well-constructed midrange one. As such, we’re more than satisfied with the quality here. Unlike cheaper tables that manufacturers cut costs on, this one doesn’t feel or look flimsy in the slightest. The addition of steel support cables, for instance, does a lot to shore up both the table’s objective stability and users’ perceptions of how stable it is.

It’s clear that while this is a table that’s priced for accessibility, it’s built to last a while and keep functioning. We have no issues with this table’s quality at all; everything just works. Nothing here is terribly complicated or flashy, but that’s okay, given how well put-together all the components are regardless.


Three inches of high-density foam cover the headrest, while two inches cover the rest of the body. The covering is made of synthetic PU leather which is vegan friendly and easy to clean, in addition to being oil and water proof. In addition, the synthetic leather won’t pick up body odors over time the way real leather does.

Under the table itself, the majority of the frame is made from hardwood, with steel support cables helping to support the folding legs. The cables are made of automobile-grade steel, usually used for car brakes.

Pros and Cons


● Sturdy design is a step above generic brands
● Automobile-grade steel support cables
● Supports a wide range of heights and weights
● Good materials, including easily-cleaned PU leather covering


● Could have more features

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Overall, this is an easy pick for a midrange massage table. It’s not much more expensive than generic competitors, but offers a full feature set, an aesthetically pleasing design, and sturdy construction, as well as easily-cleaned materials that should satisfy everybody from working masseuses to home table owners.