RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair ReviewThe RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus might not be the most expensive chair we’ve ever reviewed, but at times, we almost forgot that fact. Its price is toward the higher end of midrange, but it’s well-designed enough that we sometimes forgot we weren’t using a chair one and a half or double the price of this one.


One feature that stands out is the Mk-II Plus’ computerized body scanning system. While it’s manually adjustable, this chair also senses your spine’s length and placement so it knows where to place each massage impact for maximum results.

This is also a great chair for anybody with disabilities or who just likes being able to control their chair easily, without too much of a learning curve. It comes with a proprietary one hand-accessible remote controller, which you can set down and pick up wherever. There’s a large viewing screen so that reading the different settings isn’t hard and physical buttons are included as opposed to a touchscreen. We suspect this will satisfy many users who have a hard time navigating complicated interfaces and touchy screen implementations in more modern massage chairs.

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There are also three different zero gravity positions, meaning you can find the right level of decline for your ideal massage. Many so-called zero-gravity massage chairs only come with a single setting, which is full horizontal, but the MK-II Plus lets you choose what you want, which is a win in our book.

Finally, there are two heating pads located in the lumbar (lower) back area for heat therapy, which can be used both separately and in the midst of a physical massage type. While the heating system isn’t as widespread as we’d like (They could have extended the heating pads to the upper back or to the legs, as some competing chairs do) it’ll suffice for the average user who’s looking for that functionality.

Massage Technique

The rollers on this chair move on an L-style track, which ensures that your entire body gets adequate coverage, especially when it’s used in the zero gravity position. If you’ve ever been frustrated by a massage chair that covered your upper back really well but always seemed to miss a spot on your lower back or buttocks, or one that was great for your torso but skimped out on the legs, then this chair can assuage some of that frustration.

As mentioned in the product title, this chair is very Shiatsu-focused. As such, Swedish massage enthusiasts will have to look elsewhere. However, the Mk-II Plus doesn’t just do Shiatsu. Other massage highlights include deep tissue massage and a “spinal decompression” program, aimed at office workers, heavy lifters, or anybody who often puts stress on their back through bad posture or manual labor.

There are four fully automatic programs that simulate what it’s like to have a personal massage therapist work you over, but there are also five manual modes: Kneading, Tapping, Kneading + Tapping, Shiatsu, and Rolling.

In addition, for anybody who works on their feet a lot, this chair also has dual rollers located under the soles of the footrest, meaning the massage really will extend all the way down to your toes. That makes the Mk-II a boon for fatigued feet.


As stated above, we sometimes forgot while using the Mk-II Plus that we weren’t using a more premium option. That’s an overwhelmingly good thing. The only feature that constantly brought us back to earth was the synthetic leather. While it’s good, it’s not quite as good as a covering you might find on a chair costing a few thousand dollars or more.


The chair’s covering is made of synthetic leather, which is kind of a given at this price point. While real leather would have been nice, such luxury probably would have put the Mk-II Plus out of the reach of average consumers — which is exactly this design’s target audience.

Overall, while it wasn’t particularly a standout in one way or another, we had no issues with the synthetic leather covering on this chair. It was comfortable, we didn’t notice any outstanding cosmetic issues, and it seemed to stretch well with the built-in airbags and rollers as they moved around during the massage programs.

Pros and Cons


  • Genuinely feels like a more expensive chair
  • L-track massage system covers the whole body, not just your torso
  • Airbag system for your calves and arms ensures your extremities aren’t left out
  • Zero-gravity reclining system


  • Synthetic leather covering may disappoint some who are looking for luxury

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Overall, we’d recommend the RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus to anybody who needs a midrange chair and is willing to spend a little more for some extra features, or anyone who wants a premium chair but needs to cut costs slightly. We wish the material covering the chair was slightly better designed, but that’s really our only gripe (and it didn’t bother us constantly or anything). Overall, the features packed into this chair give it premium functionality at an affordable price — what more do you need to know?