Real Relax Shiatsu Electric Zero Gravity Full Body Chair Review

Real Relax Shiatsu Electric Zero Gravity Full Body Chair ReviewThis Real Relax chair is a legitimate budget option. It’s priced well under many competition chairs, even mid-range ones. It also doesn’t go as heavy on the features as we would like; in comparison to some of its higher-priced competitors, this chair can even seem a bit drab.

But don’t let that fool you. Though it is a budget option, this chair does basically everything that much more expensive chairs can, without any big trade offs on comfort or quality. It definitely isn’t flashy, but it gets the job done admirably and is a versatile massage chair. With that in mind, this chair is a perfect recommendation for somebody looking for their first massage chair, or who wants the benefits of a more expensive chair without the price.

While it’s a budget option, we really can’t emphasize enough — you’re not missing out on anything if you get this chair. It still provides a relaxing and full-fledged massage experience. And just in case you’re not convinced, let’s jump into this chair’s features.

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The main massage functions of this chair operate through two separate but synchronized systems: a track of eight massage rollers lying within the chair as well as fifty different airbags located throughout the chair’s cushions.

In addition, this chair offers heating therapy. But one big upside is that said heating therapy extends to the waist, feet, and hips, which is more than we’ve seen even on some chairs costing two or three times the price of this one. Many offer heating therapy for the lumbar (lower) back area only. It’s a problem we’ve seen even on premium models. So the fact that this chair has widespread heat therapy which extends to your feet is a huge benefit in our book.

There’s also a one-button zero gravity function. Simply press the assigned button and the chair transitions to zero gravity mode, moving you to a fully horizontal position and taking the weight off of your spine.

This chair is also slightly more portable than you might expect, with two wheels in the back facilitating easy movement. You can simply lean the chair back from its resting position and then push it wherever you want it to go. In addition, the chair only weighs about 171 pounds, which is anywhere from 30 pounds to upwards of 100 pounds lighter than competing chairs.

Massage Technique

As previously stated, this chair uses rollers and airbags concurrently to provide massages. There are four preset Auto programs which you can just load up and go with: Sleep, Mild, Relaxing, and Strong. Manual functionality is also available, so you can change any settings you need to to dial in the right massage for you.

In addition, this chair is fairly Shiatsu focused. While you may not find a plethora of different massage styles available to you, there aren’t any other Shiatsu chairs in the same price range. That alone makes this model from Real Relax worth it for budget buyers.


It’s also worth noting that though the weight capacity of this chair is a higher-than-average 400 pounds, the height limit is only 6 feet and 1 inch. Taller buyers will have to look elsewhere for a chair that fits them. While it’s slightly disappointing, Real Relax probably had to make cuts somewhere to fit this chair in under that $1000 threshold, and this is one of the areas that seems to have suffered.


This chair from Real Relax is made of synthetic leather, which is to be expected at this price point. While it may not be an eye-opening experience or one that’s particularly high-end, the faux-leather covering on this chair gets the job done, in general.

Some reviewers noted that this chair puts a fair amount of pressure on the lower back and hips, however — more so than competitors. Depending on what you like in massage chairs, that could equally be a good thing or a bad thing. If you like fairly forceful massages, this will probably be there chair for you. The airbags have a lot of power and it’s easy to feel them through the synthetic leather covering. On the other hand, if you prefer a gentle massage experience, you may want to take a look at a different model. Even the lowest settings on this chair tend to be a bit on the powerful side.

Pros and Cons


  • Does an incredible amount for the price you pay
  • Can even match up to some much more expensive Shiatsu chairs in terms of functionality
  • Zero gravity-capable
  • Gives strong massages


  • Massages are fairly powerful, even on the lowest setting — gentle massage enthusiasts will have to beware
  • Synthetic material gets the job done, but it’s not necessarily impressive or eye-opening

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As emphasized above, this is a budget option in terms of massage chairs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should think of it as a step down. This chair functions almost entirely the same as much more expensive chairs for a fraction of the price. While it won’t satisfy premium buyers, this is a perfect chair for home use or for somebody’s first time buying one.