Panasonic Massage Chair Reviews – (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Time has been kind to Panasonic; the company continues to innovate massage products to this day. Over the years, Panasonic has avoided a lot of the technical weaknesses that have bothered competitors. So, if you need a slick looking massage chair with all of the bells and whistles, then you’re looking at the right company.

Panasonic Massage Chairs Reviews

Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro Ultra Prestige

Best Panasonic Massage ChairsStarting off the list is the high-priced Real Pro Ultra Prestige, one of the best chairs to exist in the entire industry. Even though it’s on the expensive side, it boasts all the innovation and tech from Panasonic. It is available in black and brown, both of which look luxurious in any setting. When not using the massage chairs functions, the ottoman is reversible so that you can make it look like a regular lay-z-boy chair. That proves that both the electronic and standard modes offer full body comfort to your liking. Covered in black synthetic leather, users are guaranteed to enjoy the finer points of the chair.

The advanced portions of the chair use a 3d massage system to push the rollers in all directions on the back of the chair. By getting away from the usual static movements, the Real Pro Ultra Prestige gives a much better full body massage. The fixed place control panel is slim in design, but still contains all of the great one-touch functions found in other luxury chairs. Buyers who want to go big and not look back will find few chairs better than the Real Pro Ultra Prestige.

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Real Pro Ultra Massage Lounger

Best Panasonic Massage ChairsSometimes,improvements on the flagship chair leads to an entirely new series. That’s how the Real Pro Ultra became a big seller. As the first version in the series, this was the inspiration behind the Real Pro Ultra Prestige. The price is still high with this model, but significantly less than the revised version in the top spot. Right from the start, users can jump in with a five-minute quick massage, a preprogrammed routine that takes care of all of the necessary zones on the body.

With a total of 36 airbags, users can also make their own customizable massage routines that target key parts of the body. This is extended with a four-person and six-program optional memory feature that adds up to 24 customizable routines in total. When stationary, the chair is roomy without being too big for the room it is being put in. It has the ‘right size’ for home and office setups, even with the fixed place control panel on the side of the chair. For a fraction of the price, customers can get a luxury Panasonic chair with all of the bells and whistles.

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Panasonic Leather “Urban” Massage Chair

Best Panasonic Massage ChairsThe EP1285KL has received some of the highest reviews out of any Panasonic chair. It is a high-priced option with space-saving in mind, and is a direct competitor to the iJoy line from Human Touch. Fitted with high quality leather, this model has the best ‘quad style’ massage technology available in the industry. There are four preset programs, including the exclusive Chiro mode that destresses even the most tired parts of the body. Other available modes are shiatsu, quick and Swedish.

When you go beyond the presets, there are eight manual modes including the hard-to-find Hawaiian and soft shiatsu. Using the advanced tethered remote won’t be a problem, and it is easy to get used to without needing to read the manual. The only available color is black, but it is well done with brushed aluminum accents. For the price, it holds up well in modern living areas with other high-priced furniture. In areas that are tight on space, this is still the top chair from Panasonic that gives you all the necessary features without any of the bulk. The popularity of the Urban continues to rise, and is a serviceable massage chair for multiple areas.

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Swede-atsu Companion Massage Lounger

Best Panasonic Massage ChairsLast on the list is the Swede-atsu, and right out of the box it is impressive with four pre-set programs. From the eight manual modes you can program up to80 combinations. It is the perfect chair for users who like to play with customization options. All of the advanced massage modes can be set up by strength and speed, so reading the manual is necessary for maximum efficiency. All of this comes in a high-priced black model with a professional design.

The Swede-atsu comes from a long line of approved loungers by the American Chiropractic Association. Multiple air bag mechanics work wonders for the lower part of the body, decreasing and increasing at specific increments to provide a lifelike massage. Using a 135-square-inch massage area, the chair does an admirable job of coverage. Other notable features are the height adjustment and neck roller. The maximum allowed weight is 264 pounds, which is above average for a model of this size. Swede-atsu is a nice ‘middle’ choice from the many available chairs from Panasonic. Its balance satisfies a lot of buyers who want to step up from their smaller massage chairs.

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Panasonic Massage Chairs

When looking to get a relaxing massage it is important to get the right massage equipment so you can enjoy the experience to the fullest. A great massage chair is certainly classified under that and when it comes to Panasonic massage chairs you are on the right track. Formerly known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd, the Panasonic brand is a Japanese company known for being a leader in the electronics industry. It goes toe to toe with big brands like Sony and Toshiba in multiple areas, especially televisions. Founded in 1918 by Kōnosuke Matsushita, it has gone from creating light bulb sockets to revolutionizing multiple parts of the electronics industry.

Its massage chairs served as a departure from its main electronics line, and allowed the company to try out unique technologies. A lot of its biggest competitors haven’t made the leap into massage chair products, so Panasonic has a head start on the name brand market. By integrating some of its own electronic products into the design/functions of Panasonic massage chairs, the massage chair line will continue to grow at a fast rate.


Prices are all over the place, which comes down to a good variety of models. Panasonic massage chairs seem to average between the mid to high price points, with their top-of-the-line models being expensive luxury choices if you are looking for a top rated massage chair. Consumers still get a lot of value for their money, not only with brand name recognition, but also with Panasonic’s use of high-quality components. Panasonic doesn’t cut corners when it comes to massage chairs, so a purchase will be a good return on your investment. If there is one downside, it’s that the company doesn’t offer any super low-priced chairs.

Best Features

There are plenty of notable features that come packed into Panasonic chairs. Here is a small list that separates them from the rest of the competition.

Thermal Massage Technology – Rather than just concentrate heat into one portion of the chair, Panasonic is able to distribute to a wider area. The cool-down and heat-up time is fast, so users can expect to feel the difference within seconds of starting a massage.

Full Body Comfort – There are plenty of great massage chairs in the world that are fantastic when in operation but uncomfortable when idle. Panasonic worked from the ground up to create a chair that is comfortable even when you don’t have it turned on. Its best products are proven to be just as comfortable as expensive modern-day furniture for lounging, sleeping and sitting.

Junetsu Kneading Techniques – Mimicking Junetsu massage techniques, the rollers inside the chairs knead like no other product. There are multiple types of kneading techniques, sometimes up to ten depending on the chair. For tired bodies, this can make all the difference in the world between a good or great massage.

All of these features have been refined by Panasonic, notably the Junetsu Kneading Techniques. The design of the system is innovative enough that the company decided to include it in multiple massage chairs. Only a select few competitors have launched similar kneading programs with this type of efficiency.

3d Massage System

This entirely unique 3d massage system will be familiar to customers who have used 3d mapping systems in other chairs. Panasonic expands on the technology by using a motor that moves in multiple directions, even back and forth. When paired with the other mechanics of the chair, the 3d massage system will be able to detect the body type of the user and adjust the motors appropriately for a better massage. And since the rollers move freely in all directions, there are no restrictions on the effectiveness of the massage techniques.

Power Usage

There was some concern by customers about the power usage of Panasonic branded chairs. It started out as a rumor that they would use more energy than other massage chairs due to the brand adding in more features. That isn’t true at all; Panasonic models use no more energy than the competition. Mechanically, there are more moving parts in the chairs, but that does not add to power consumption. You can set up the most intense massage possible and still use the same amount of juice as a desktop computer. And as a customer, if you are measuring performance by the size of the chair, then Panasonic still comes out as a top five performer.


Every single Panasonic massage chair has a professional design, usually in black or brown. No other company does the black sleek look better than Panasonic, and it fits well with the rest of its range of electronics. In any modern media centric room, Panasonic’s default design is perfect. You can even drop one of the chairs into a current office setting and it would fit right in with the rest of the furniture. The chairs are designed to be compatible, even if it doesn’t have a lot of color options.

Remote Control

Whether it is a tethered remote or fixed control panel, Panasonic has its customers covered. As a maker of remotes, the company is the best in the industry at designing massage remotes. Everything is in order, color coded, and spaced enough so that you don’t press multiple buttons accidentally. It is the most painless remote control to use for a massage chair, and is a big selling point of all Panasonic massage products. Anyone that has purchased from the brand before will be instantly familiar with the setup. Newcomers will get so spoiled that they’ll never want to use another type of remote control— it’s that good!


Being a big worldwide brand doesn’t always lead to good warranty service. Thankfully, Panasonic doesn’t fall into that category and offers excellent warranties and customer service. This is evident not only in Panasonic’s marketing, but also in its helpful website design. You can navigate it by computer or phone, with several helpful options and FAQS available in a single click. When something goes wrong, there are a lot of ways to get in contact with Panasonic so they can make it right.


A good bulk of Panasonic products are made out of leather or leather-like material. The massage chairs that are made out of leather are in a completely different category, yet sometimes the price doesn’t reflect that. Customers can grab a pure leather massage chair from Panasonic at a cheaper price than a faux leather one from a competing company. There is a lot of pride in the quality of the material used, which is highly resistant to rips and tears. So, in homes that have a lot of activity from pets and children, Panasonic’s material is the best to have around.


Panasonic’s chairs are average or large in size, with only the Urban standing out as a smallish massage chair. The size probably has a lot to do with the advanced mechanics the company puts into its products, which need space to operate. When you’re looking at getting the smallest chair possible form their line, the Urban is the only one that really meets the requirements without being too stripped down. And even at the smaller size, it retains a lot of the premium qualities of Panasonic’s luxury models. Buyers that are strictly in the market for small massage chairs will have a hard time finding one in the lineup if it isn’t the Urban.


As mentioned before, Panasonic uses top-notch leather and faux leather. Longevity isn’t a problem with the materials, and the same applies to the electronic components. The remotes in particular are resistant to damage, which is no surprise when you consider the company already had base designs to work with. Just like its television remotes, the durability of massage remotes remains largely unaffected by heavy use. When you’re buying a massage chair that will be used by multiple people, there are no fears that a Panasonic model will throw in the towel early.


Massage chairs need more than just great design to fit in with day-to-day furniture. That is where the customization of some Panasonic items fit in. One notable example is the models that come with a reversible ottoman. A simple flip makes the chair indistinguishable from any other piece of furniture. This is a rare feature, and one of the many customizations that it includes in top models to fit in with any setting. Using a reversible ottoman also works as a comfort feature, letting you kick your feet up and relax with extra cushioning.

Pros And Cons

As the biggest brand in the industry, customers have a lot of great things to say about Panasonic. Here are some of the good and bad things about its massage chairs.


  • The most professional design in the industry
  • Uses real leather on top models
  • Great rip and tear protection to ensure longevity of materials
  • The best remote control design available
  • High customizability to blend in with regular furniture
  • Proven warranty protection for the short and long-term


  • Only one really good ‘small’ massage chair
  • Not a lot of low-priced massage products

With all that said, Panasonic is a provider of luxury massage chairs that prices its products well enough to reach some of the entry level market.

Urban vs. iJoy

Panasonic’s Urban is comparable to Human Touch’s iJoy, and for good reason. Both of these cater to customers who want massage chairs of high quality but of small size. The benefits of the Urban include the calve/foot massager, which is missing or not as complete in the iJoy series. The Urban also has a higher height/weight maximum, with better overall material in its design. For media users, iJoy offers external power support and a smaller size.


There are a lot of great massage chair choices from Panasonic, one of the big leaders in worldwide electronics. Massage chairs just so happen to be another one of the specialties where this company excels. Consumers looking for a luxury model without too high a price tag will get lasting value from this brand.