Naipo Shiatsu Back and Shoulder Massager Review

Naipo Shiatsu Back and Shoulder Massager ReviewAs a company, Naipo is focused very intently on bringing the Asian art of massage to the United States. In this case, they have done that through this highly rated neck and shoulder massager. Their company believes that massage is vastly under-utilized, and that comes through in their messaging.

The goal of Naipo’s products is to mix the age-old art of massage with the technology of electronic massage. By developing a good massager, they have given the opportunity to millions of people to improve their health, comfort, and stress levels through massage.

This particular model from Naipo meets all of those expectations. It’s affordable, functional, and full of features. It has everything you might want in an electronic massager. The versatility and wide range of adjustability settings that you have make it a prime target for those looking for an all-in-one solution. Finally, the reputation of Naipo is nearly pristine and the feedback on this product is positive across all platforms.

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Best Features

The U-shape of this massager means that it’s an ergonomic shape. This is important, especially during massage. If you are trying out massage, chances are that you have body pain and aches. Anything you can do to make yourself more comfortable is going to help, and that includes using a massager with an ergonomic shape.

The massage style of this massager is Shiatsu with heat mixed in. Shiatsu is the massage of choice for millions of people and it’s also the easiest to replicate with a machine. Shiatsu aims at tense parts of your body, mainly muscles. The goal of a Shiatsu massage is to become looser and reduce the negative effects that pent up stress has on your body. This massager utilizes Shiatsu and heat to give those positive effects to you.

Attached to the massaging part of the massager are two straps that you can use to apply pressure to problem areas and rest your arms. These straps can also be used to set the massager on top of when you are trying to massage a leg or hip.

Go to sleep with peace of mind, since this massager offers automatic shut off feature after 20 minutes. Massagers that are left on too long can cause skin damage through the heat or even fires in extreme circumstances. This causes many people to become scared of falling asleep with the massager because they don’t want it to cause damage. You don’t have to worry about that ever with this model.

On the exterior of this massager, you’ll find premium, comfortable materials. The part that doesn’t touch your skin is covered in high-quality leather. This helps to keep it clean and undamaged. For the massager portion, there is a durable mesh cover. The mesh helps to allow for the mobility of the massaging nodes and penetration of the heat from the heating element within.

Finally, the massager features a quality control panel to give you full control over your experience. Using this simple control panel, you can start it, stop it, change massage directions, turn on the heat, and change the speed of the massage.

Things to Know

Though this product is listed as a neck and shoulder massager, the versatility is astounding. The construction of the massager allows for the flexibility to relieve tension from the upper back, lower back, and various leg muscles.

To build on the flexibility, you can use this massager in the home, car, or at work. Using the massager in these areas helps relieve stress from a sedentary lifestyle, relax while at home, or start the recovery process after a rigorous workout.

If you are thinking of buying this massager, you should know that it is not battery-powered. It must be plugged in to be operational. So, if you take it in the car, you’ll have to use the adapter to plug it in. Likewise, if you are at work, you will need an outlet to plug in to.

Best Comparison

Because of the design, advanced abilities, and price range, we’ve determined that this product is very similar to the FIVE S Deep Tissue Neck and Shoulder Massager. The FIVE S model is slightly more affordable, but we still believe that it’s a very reasonable comparison due to the fact that the features are very similar and the only discernible difference between the two products are that the Naipo has some higher quality material on the outside. This will be an important distinguishing factor for you if you are planning on putting your massager through heavy use.

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All in all, the Naipo neck and shoulder massager is a very durable, feature-packed massager that comes at an affordable price and has all the controls that you might want. You can customize your massage experience while relaxing and knowing that Naipo will take care of it if anything goes wrong with your massager. Naipo has done a great job here bringing the art of massage to the electronic world with their one-of-a-kind massager.