Merax Aluminium 3 Section Portable Folding Massage Table Review

Merax Aluminium 3 Section Portable Folding Massage Table ReviewThe Merax Aluminium 3 table is cut from a slightly different cloth than most folding, portable massage tables.That’s because it’s made of metal.

The great majority of massage tables which we’ve reviewed on this site and which exist on the market are made from a wooden frame, with foam and synthetic leather sitting on top, usually with steel support cables of some sort holding the frame up while under duress. But this table from Merax is made almost entirely of aluminum, which is a very different approach.

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In terms of features, this table is more or less indistinguishable from competing massage tables in the same price bracket. It has a removable headrest with a facial cutout, winged armrests, and a cutout for facedown massages when the headrest isn’t available. It folds in half and has metal clasps on the side to secure it in place when folded.

There are two features which set it apart from the rest of the pack. The first is obviously the metal frame. It’s more stable than wooden counterparts, and it feels solidly constructed, without wiggling or moving around while someone is laying on top of it. The only downside is that it’s slightly louder and not as smooth. Users who are looking for smooth operation may have to occasionally oil the hinges.

The second feature unique to this massage table is its adjustable backrest. It can be elevated to a few different levels, making arm or leg treatments a lot easier than a table which is unilaterally horizontal. The height on this table is adjustable, from 26” to a maximum of 36”.

Dimensions/Product Design

The Merax Aluminium 3 table is 73” long and 23” wide. It weighs 37 pounds, and can support up to 500 pounds of weight. Let’s break down how those dimensions stack up to the rest of the competition.

Unfortunately, the Merax Aluminium 3 is actually slightly thinner and shorter than the rest of the competition. While it’ll easily fit anybody who’s 6 feet tall or under, those of us who are on the taller side may find that the table is just ever so short for them. While it can still be used as a massage table for tall clients, it might be slightly more uncomfortable than a comparable table.

The same goes for its width. It’s only a few inches narrower than comparable tables, but that might count for a lot, depending on what your client base or usage type is generally like. Overall, while we didn’t have any problems using this table, the decreased length and width are certainly something to take into consideration.

On the other hand, this table can support a whopping 500 pounds. That’s almost fifty pounds more than a lot of competing wood frame tables, which generally support up to a ballpark of 450 pounds or so. And at 37 pounds, this table is right on average for portable massage tables, even despite the metal frame, which is a huge plus.

In addition, this product’s design is a bit of a departure from most other massage tables, and not just because of the all-metal construction. The backrest can be elevated, meaning it’s slightly more versatile than an average, midrange massage table. It makes arm or leg massages, as well as salon-style treatment a little easier than is otherwise possible with a backrest that’s made from a solid piece of wood.


This table’s quality more or less depends on how important the aluminium frame is to you. It’s comparable to any other chair in this price bracket. It has the same functionality and more or less the same dimensions, if only slightly smaller. But if having a portable massage table with a metal frame is important to your usage, then this table’s quality skyrockets and it’s immediately worth the price, which is only slightly higher than most wooden-frame tables.


Obviously, this table is made of aluminium. There’s very little wood to be found throughout the frame. On top of the table is a uniform, 2” thick pad of high-density foam, which runs the length of the tabletop. The foam is coated with a synthetic, PU leather which is easily cleaned and doesn’t pick up odors.

Pros and Cons


● Strong, all-metal frame easily bests wooden frames
● Can hold up to 500 pounds
● No weight increase despite greater stability


● Slight loss in length and width for the same price and weight as a wooden massage table

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For users who want to feel secure in a strong frame, this table could be your best bet. It dispenses with wood entirely and has a frame made entirely of metal. Of course, you’re making a bit of a tradeoff, in this case. While weight stays more or less the same, you’re losing a couple inches in length as well as width for the metal frame.

But in terms of all else, this table offers everything its competitors does; a foam tabletop covered in synthetic leather, winged armrests, a headrest with a facial cutout, etc. It’s slightly more expensive than comparable tables made of wood, but not by much. If you can bear to lose a few inches and you really want a metal frame on your massage table, this one’s an easy pick.