Kahuna Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair LM6800 Review

Kahuna Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair LM6800 ReviewAre you into yoga? If you are, great. If you’re not, then you might be after using the LM6800 from Kahuna.

This FDA-approved model puts a focus not just on roller and airbag massage like most models, but also heat therapy and yoga-style stretching modes, designed to go above and beyond a normal massage chair session.

In our opinion, this chair is somewhere between a midrange and a premium option. While it’s more expensive than most true midrange models, and has the feature set and design to back it up, it’s not quite as expensive or feature-heavy as a true luxury massage chair. That makes this a great chair for anybody looking to trade up from a budget option, or save a bit of money while getting a chair that includes all the features they need.

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With six auto programs, a timer that goes up to thirty minutes, and a double-layered set of shoulder bags for maximum comfort and massage effectiveness, the Kahuna LM6800 is anything but short on features. The four individual rollers work on a standard L-track, and the air massage system covers your entire body. There are even rollers for the bottom of your feet that get used during the yoga stretching programs, which is a thoughtful inclusion. There are five manual massage techniques available, as well as six automatic programs, including one that focuses on yoga-like body stretching.

Furthermore, there’s a three-stage zero gravity system embedded in the chair, so you can choose exactly what you want your body positioning to be while you get a massage. A zero gravity massage chair will saves space as well, requiring only three inches between the back of the chair and a wall.

In addition, an automated body scan system means the chair can detect on its own your weight, size and shape, determining the most effective massage program for your body type.

Massage Technique

This chair offers a full-body Shiatsu option, but it also has a couple of interesting, slightly more innovative additions to the normal stable of massage types. These include a yoga stretching program, which is designed to promote circulation help your body relax; a proprietary, Kahuna-specific SH-Chiro program, which targets the nerves in your back, increasing energy by helping to relax the ones that run along the length of your spine; and a bevy of targeted Shiatsu programs for individual body parts (upper back, lower back, lower body, etc.).

The chair’s five manual massage programs Kneading, Rolling, Tapping, Shiatsu, and a Kneading/Tapping combination.

All in all, the massage techniques on offer here make this chair especially god for those who have pain in one specific area of their body (like only their shoulders, or specifically their lower back). You can use a combination of normal massage programs and the targeted modes to just tackle pain in that area as effectively as possible.


This is a high quality chair, but it’s not necessarily the most luxurious one out there. We rate it highly simply because of its advanced feature set. The design isn’t necessarily anything new and the chair doesn’t have much flash even in comparison with some of Kahuna’s other massage chair models. But the bevy of available massage techniques, body scanning technology, and innovative auto programs (which include stretching and heat therapy) are more than enough to put this chair firmly in the mid to upper range of massage chairs.


The chair’s base is made primarily of steel, with a few plastic parts here and there. The base is covered in a synthetic leather that doesn’t feel remarkable, but simply works. Again, this chair’s charm lies in its amazing functionality and extended feature set, not necessarily in the design. That said, no reviewers had any issues with the covering on the chair or the way it felt during massages.

Pros and Cons


  • FDA-approved and safe for the whole family
  • Air massage system runs the length of your body
  • Body scan technology fits massages to your height and weight
  • Wide functionality and range of both auto and manual modes
  • Heater system for your extremities


  • Design isn’t particularly eye-catching or innovative, even though the functions are

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Overall, we’d recommend the Kahuna Zero Gravity LM6800 to anybody looking for an above-average massage chair that will offer relaxing massage experience for most people. While slightly more expensive than midrange competition, the LM6800 doesn’t quite reach the spending heights of luxury chairs, and it offers a lot of the same functionality for less. It’s crucial for users to remember that they are losing something with this price cut; the LM6800’s design isn’t quite as nice as a typical luxury chair. It looks good but relatively normal.

That said, whether you want Shiatsu, heat therapy, stretching, or even something akin to a yoga session, this chair can offer it, along with automatic body scanning and a myriad of other options. That’s enough for us.