iStim EV-804 TENS/EMS Combo Machine Review

iStim EV-804 TENSThe EV-804 from iStim is a portable, rechargeable combo TENS + EMS machine. It uses both technologies to help its users recover from muscle soreness, arthritis, back pain, and other chronic pain. It can also help athletes to prevent injury using its EMS technology.

This machine by iStem is both portable and versatile, a rare mix for a device of its kind. If you have chronic pain, muscle soreness, or something else that needs to be addressed with TENS or EMS technology and you need your machine to be lightweight and durable, this is a candidate for you. The EV-804 is one of our top rated tens units and offers a wide range of features and a good price.

This machine represents a great mix between affordability and quality, as it has all the features that you might want without being a severe drain on your finances. Though this machine isn’t necessarily a best-seller, we see no reason why this can’t be a perfect TENS unit for you or what you need it for.

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Best Features

This TENS unit most notable feature is the easy-to-read backlit LCD screen. In rest mode, the screen is not lit. However, when you press the buttons to use it, they light up so that you can see what you are doing and what options you have. This is a handy feature to both provide maximum visibility and save battery life. It also means that you can easily use it at night-time without having to struggle to see what you are doing.

The flip top cover on this unit helps to prevent the inadvertent changing of settings. The top of the unit has two knobs that you can use to control the unit, and without a cover, it would be easy for the user to accidentally bump and turn the buttons to settings that they don’t want to be using at the moment.

It also features a metal clip on the side. This increases the portability of an already very portable machine. Portability is a huge deal for those who like to travel. If you have trouble keeping track of electronics or other belongings and want to keep this vital piece of equipment on you while you’re on the move, this metal belt clip is going to come in very handy.

Finally, this unit is rechargeable. This adds again to how easily transported and portable the unit is and accommodates those who travel a lot or want to use the machine outside of their own home. You just have to pack it into your bag or suitcase before a trip (or clip it to your belt), and you are good to go! Recharge it as needed and gain the ability to treat your chronic pain or muscle soreness anywhere!

Things to Know

This unit by iStem has 5 TENS modules and 2 EMS modules for treatment. Modules represent types of treatments that are used to ease various conditions. With these modules, you have some variety in how you want to deal with your pain. Variety in treatment options is crucial, as not everyone responds to the same types of treatment methods.

To add to the convenience of using this unit, there are 24 preset programs available on this unit. These allow you to go quickly from chronic pain to relief. You can hook up the machine, select your preset, and start the process of recovery or treatment. Not having to fiddle around with options is a huge selling point, especially for those who don’t necessarily love using technology and dealing with settings.

Included with this unit are step-by-step instructions on how to use it and where to place your pads. With all of these features, using this TENS machine shouldn’t be difficult at all for those who don’t want it to be. For those who love a customized experience, however, you have plenty of ways to customize your treatment.


This unit is priced pretty competitively. It’s not the most affordable one on the market, but it’s also not very expensive at all. This is a good “medium” option for those who are looking for something quality but affordable.

With all of the capabilities of the unit including the adjustability and customization options, this unit is an excellent value for the price and delivers a lot more than some other lesser-quality units on the market.

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This unit from iStem is a reliable machine with a lot of options. If you are looking for a machine that will suit your needs without breaking the bank, this is a candidate to review in your search.

While some units utilize only TENS technology and neglect the power of EMS, this device leans into it and offers EMS treatments in a few different modules. Whether you are an athlete who is looking to utilize EMS for muscle soreness or a senior citizen looking for arthritis relief, this all-in-one solution is sure to serve your needs well.