Inada HCP-S373 Flex 3s Massage Chair Review

Inada HCP-S373 Flex 3s Massage Chair ReviewDon’t say we didn’t warn you, straight up: this is one of the most expensive chairs we’ve ever reviewed. But if those are the kinds of words that make you excited, and you’re a luxury buyer willing to spend the most so that you can have the best, then the Inada might just be the best chair for you.

It’s jam-packed with features and has a decidedly upscale design. You can tell it apart from a midrange chair you might find for a couple thousand dollars less. Furthermore, it has a couple of features specifically catered to tired office workers that make it worth its weight in gold if you have a stressful, demanding job that requires you to sit at a desk all day. This chair might just help you fix your posture, so let’s get into it.

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First, as we mentioned, this chair is specifically targeted at office workers or anybody else who suffers pain in their shoulders and neck due to bad posture or unnatural sitting positions at an office job. It has a specialized shoulder focus program that uses air compression around the collarbone area to relieve stiffness and improve posture. Furthermore, this chair’s various stretching modes can do the same for the rest of your body.

In addition, this chair’s heating therapy is one of the reasons we’d consider it a premium option. It doesn’t just warm your lower back with a single heat pad, like many competing chairs. It also has heaters for your fingers and toes, at the extremities of the chair. That’s good not just for users who have poor circulation (or who just like having cozy toes), but also for anybody who lives in a cold region. Keeping your extremities heated makes this a perfect winter climate chair.

Massage Technique

The Inada HCP-S373 doesn’t focus on a specific massage technique such as Shiatsu. Instead, its massage techniques are centered on improving and increasing your body’s flexibility, posture and mobility. Four pre-programmed sessions — Full Body and Stretch; Stretch All; Full Body; and Low Body — have you covered for stretching and massage needs, but modes and massage intensity are also customizable. A combination of rollers, airbags and heaters work together for this chair’s kneading massage function.

This chair is also more stretch-focused than much of the competition; Inada says that it can help return your spine to a more natural resting position, thereby both improving your posture and easing tension on some muscles that may be unnecessarily stiff or strained from bad posture.


As previously stated, this is definitely a quality chair. You’re paying a lot of chair, and you’ll get it. We’d place this chair firmly in the premium cost tier.

The one caveat we’d like to highlight, which we mentioned in the Massage Technique section, is that even though this is a premium chair, it’s not marketed as a Shiatsu-focused or Swedish-focused type of chair. Rather, its capabilities are more focused on the therapeutic/posture correcting/pain relief side of massage technique.

As such, this is not an investment that will be worth it if you’re specifically looking for a chair that provides one type of massage discipline like Shiatsu, especially at this price point. But for users who feel comfortable giving that up in exchange for this chair’s focus on health and massage/sports therapy, this chair is a great choice.


The chair’s covering is synthetic leather, but that’s not necessarily a downside. It’s easier to clean and more durable than traditional leather. In addition, with this particular chair you don’t have to worry about that sticky, plastic-like feeling you get from cheap synthetic leather. While you can tell it’s not true leather if you look closely, while you’re sitting on it the chair is comfortable, soft and doesn’t stick to your skin. All in all, there’s no reason to worry about the quality of materials with the Inada HCP-S373, especially because it’s so well-designed.

Pros and Cons


  • Premium construction and quality
  • Superb heating system
  • Focus on stretching and therapy is perfect for office workers
  • Helps correct bad posture and return your spine to its natural position


  • Doesn’t focus on a single style of massage, such as Shiatsu

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Overall, the Inada HCP-S373 offers premium massages at a premium price and Inada has proven to be one of the best massage chair brand available on the market and this product is no different. Though it’s not the most expensive chair you can buy, it’s certainly up there in terms of cost. However, for users who are focused on getting the health and muscle relief benefits of massage therapy, that cost is more than worth it. This chair is focused on improving posture and relieving tension. As such, we’d recommend it to anybody for whom those goals are at the top of your priorities. If you’re a Shiatsu enthusiast or you know you need a chair that has the perfect Swedish massage simulation, other models may serve you better.