HiDow XPD 12 TENS Unit Review

HiDow XPD 12 TENS Unit ReviewConsidered to be the “Cadillac” of TENS units, this unit by HiDow is your all-in-one solution to chronic pain, muscle recovery, and overall comfort. HiDow is a best-selling unit in the TENS unit marketplace. It’s most popular use is to help ease sore muscles and relieve muscle pain using TENS technology. They stress that the relief that they provide is medication-free and very safe to use.

The credibility of HiDow in the industry is undisputed. These machines have been used in environments as important as the NHL and other major professional sports. EMS technology is widely used by top-tier athletes to prevent injury and keep them out on the field more reliably.

For years, HiDow has been leading the industry in providing solutions for both TENS and EMS treatments. If you require a long-term solution to your chronic pain, muscle soreness, recovery, or injury prevention, HiDow has the machine for you. Let’s look into what makes this unit so unique.

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Best Features

For starters, this unit by HiDow provides extraordinary versatility and functionality. It has 12 preprogrammed massage modes. This allows you to go from sore to recovering in a matter of seconds. A wide variety of preprogrammed settings enables you to spend less time fidgeting with the controls and more time on the road to recovery or pain relief.

It also has 20 levels of strength. You can adjust the strength level any way that you choose, even if you want it to gradually increase or gradually decrease. With this unit, you are in full control of your treatment. With all of these options, you can fully customize your experience to suit your needs.

You can treat more than one area at a time, as well. The unit features a dual-output design and reusable pads as well so that you can have control over both your treatment type and treatment area.

The size of the unit makes it a portable TENS unit as it easy to transport and and it’s not complicated to use. Simply bring your unit and the required cables on the road with you and use as you see fit.

Finally, this unit has a backlit, easy-to-read LED display. You can easily see what your current setting is and change the setting with a touch of your finger. If having a unit that is easy to read is crucial to you, this is a reliable option for you to consider.

Things to Know

Though this unit is small and thus easy to transport, you should know that it isn’t completely wireless. There are wires that run from the unit to the pads to control them. If you are looking for a truly wireless solution, this isn’t going to be the TENS unit for you.

If you are planning to travel by airport, you should know that this unit is likely to make it through the TSA checkpoint X-ray with no problems or delays. Many people are concerned about this when they take one of these devices along, but from all accounts, you should have nothing to worry about.

Included in the package that comes with your TENS unit is the device itself, 1 set of adhesive electrode pads, 1 set of extra large pads, 2 electrode wires, a USB cable, charging cable, user manual, and pad holder. This should be everything you need to get the relief and recovery that you need.


As we mentioned earlier, this is considered one of the most premium options out there when it comes to TENS units. Since it has so many functions and so much power, it is priced much higher than the average TENS unit. This unit is the most expensive item in our review list of the best TENS units.

Whether or not the unit is worth the money is entirely up to the user. As many have shown, including professional athletes, this unit is one of the most reliable ones out there and serves such a wide range of uses that we are inclined to believe that the price is justified by what it offers in terms of value to those with chronic pain or concerns about performance.

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If you are looking for a TENS unit that is going to last you a long time and be a reliable tool in fighting chronic pain, preventing injury, and helping your muscles recover, you will undoubtedly want to consider this as an option.

If you are interested in the HiDow TENS unit, you should be prepared to invest significantly in the unit. As a premium option in the market of TENS units, it is priced quite high. All in all, this TENS unit from HiDow is a quality-built unit that is trusted enough to be used on professional athletes worth millions of dollars. If it works well for them, the chances are that it’s plenty useful for almost anyone.