EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table Review

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table ReviewThe EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table, which comes as part of a package titled ‘AVALON’, is a premium option. When buying this table, you’re making a literal investment. That said, you get a lot of features and affordances which are not common to more cheaply-priced, less well thought out chairs with shoddy designs. As such, we think it’s more than worth the investment.

In addition, this table doesn’t just have premium functionality; it looks the part to boot! This one doesn’t look anything like the generic massage chairs you can find for half the price online or in stores. For users who are looking to stand out from the crowd, this is a sure bet.

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In terms of features, this table has a lot to offer. The professional carry case is made of ballistic nylon, and it comes with both handles and a padded shoulder strap. The table itself also has straps on the side, which can be used to carry it alone when folded up. There are clasps on either end of the table to hold it closed while it’s folded.

EARHLITE also says this chair is “guaranteed squeak-proof,” due to the hardwood dowel construction. In our experience, it was smooth and easy to operate, and we didn’t notice any unnecessary noise.

There is a self-adjusting, Flex-Rest face cradle made of memory foam, which automatically changes according to the user’s face and can reduce normal sinus pressure. Furthermore, the sectioned top cushion can be adjusted and raised.

Dimensions and Product Design

At 73” by 30”, this table is a bit wider and squatter than most. If your client base or usage necessitates dealing with people who have slightly wider shoulders or bodies, than this would be a great choice. The length is more or less adequate for people a little over six feet, but any longer and you may want to look into tables which have an extended length option.

Despite the expanded width, this table only weighs 34 pounds, which is slightly lighter than most massage tables of similar dimensions. While you won’t be making big gains on this table’s weight, those few pounds could make a crucial difference if you’re a smaller masseuse or if you just want something slightly more on the portable side.

The product design of this massage table from EARTHLITE is downright stunning. That’s said without a trace of hyperbole. The clasps and carrying handles are finished in gold trim and the cushion itself is colored vibrantly, no matter which colorway you choose. (Both burgundy and gold look good in our eyes, but black is a classic — in short, you can’t really go wrong.)


In case it wasn’t already clear, this is a premium top rated massage table. It’s costly as well, but in this case, you do get exactly what you pay for. It’s thick and plush, as well as stable and sturdily constructed. The colors are vibrant, and the trimmings and small details are on point. It would be very, very hard to be dissatisfied with this table, as long as you can properly afford it.

The only small downside we can see is that at this price point, more metal in the frame would have been nice. Some users may still feel a little scared about using a massage table which is only supported by wood, especially if it folds up in the middle. On the other hand, a metal frame may have dramatically increased price or weight, though, so we’ll take what we can get.


The frame itself is constructed of hardwood, with hardwood corner blocks and legs made of North American hard maple. The supporting cables are made of aircraft grade steel, which has been tested at up to 1,000 lbs (to be clear, the chair itself is not rated to 1,000 lbs; just the cables themselves).

The tabletop is cushioned by a foam material that EARTHLITE calls a “dual density cushioning system.” The foam is then covered with Natursoft, a proprietary, EARTHLITE-specific covering that is oil and water resistant. It makes for relatively easy cleaning, and it seems to be just about as odor-resistant as normal synthetic leather.

Where the Natursoft and Earthlite’s foam excel is in terms of comfort. This table is just plain comfortable to sit on, which unfortunately can’t be said for all massage tables out there. Even heavier users won’t have a problem when lying down on this table, and it’s one of our top picks for a comfortable massage, especially in comparison with cheaper tables.

Pros and Cons


● Proprietary foam and covering are extremely soft and comfortable
● Striking, eye-catching, beautiful design and colorways
● Solid construction with aircraft-grade steel cables and hardwood frame
● Frame/top themselves are tiltable, making salon-style massages easy


● Frame could have incorporated more metal for this price point

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In short, this is a premium massage chair for buyers who are willing to spend. If you are willing, you’ll get your money’s worth out of a striking, solid design and a smooth, professional-grade massage table.