Bruntmor Cordless Rechargeable Neck and Shoulder Massager Review

Bruntmor Cordless Rechargeable Neck and Shoulder Massager ReviewLastly, we arrive at the Bruntmor Cordless neck and shoulder massager. Bruntmor has a great reputation with consumer electronics such as these and we don’t see that stopping now. This blue, luxury cordless massager seems to be geared towards those with legitimate health problems that they are aiming to solve with some good Shiatsu massage.

The stated goal of this massager is to provide you with everything you need to give yourself serious Shiatsu therapy and start to address the health problems that you have. If you are an athlete or if you are experiencing a lot of tension from your job, Bruntmor wants you to use this massager to help fix those troubles a little at a time. It’s clear from looking at the photos of this product and the features that they are wanting this massager to be designed specifically for medical reasons.

If you believe in the power of massage, you’ll love this machine. It combines all the features that you could want in a comfortable, durable massager that provides you with the tools you need to rehabilitate your muscles and take control of your physical health.

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Best Features

This massager by Bruntmor features 8 kneading nodes on the massage surface, a number that is becoming more common. The massager is not meant to just be for the neck and shoulder, either. The way that it is designed actually enables it to be used on the hip, foot, or leg in addition to the neck, shoulder, and back. The Bruntmor is a top-rated massager for neck, shoulders and back and is one of the highly recommended products on our list.

This massager gives you the ability to get a full-body Shiatsu massage without ever leaving your home or spending extra money.

As with most massagers, this one also offers some heat options for you. Bruntmor stresses the fact that heat helps to relieve your muscles and put you in a good position to recover from your previous tension. You should utilize the heat function whenever possible/comfortable.

The massage method itself allows you the choice between two powerful massage modes–clockwise and counterclockwise. Many people neglect this, but it is important to switch things up every now and then for your muscles and for your own health. Be sure to switch directions every few minutes so that the massage more closely resembles a real Shiatsu massage.

The cordless design is obviously a huge factor here. Without having to deal with cords, you have so much more flexibility and the ability to take it anywhere you’d like. You can take with you on a long car ride, plane ride, train ride, or just sit in your lawn chair outside. The freedom to get that massage and comfort regardless of where you are is really empowering and allows you to take true control over your health.

This massager also comes with a complimentary carrying bag to make transportation a breeze. You can easily take it on the go on a vacation, flight, or road trip. Mobility is a huge deal for those who want to be comfortable while traveling.

The warranty on this product is an industry standard 1-year warranty. If something goes wrong with your product, rest assured that Bruntmor will take care of it and make sure that you get what you need to keep on massaging.

Things to Know

Though the Brookstone version is known to look better than this version, it’s widely reported that this one is actually made of more durable materials. This doesn’t surprise us, but we still don’t love the styling of this massager. If you care about durability and not style, this could be an excellent choice for you.

On a full battery, this massager can last about 2 hours when utilizing heat and 3 hours when not using heat. This is great battery life and longer than the other cordless options that we’ve already taken a look at. It can run while charging, as well.

Best Comparisons

This product is compared quite often to Brookstone’s Cordless Massager. The difference between the two is mainly price and design. As for features, they pretty much represent the same thing except this massager has a longer battery life and comes with that complimentary carrying case as well.

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If you frequently have tight or painful muscles that you want to take care of, this is a great massager for you. It has a lot of strength, carries good battery life, and is a lot more affordable than most other cordless massagers out there.

You can easily take it on the road, there are plenty of customization options on the control panel, and it’s made out of durable, quality materials that will stand up to abuse and keep it looking clean and nice. If you are looking for the “complete package” and don’t mind spending just a little bit extra for something really nice, this is the massager for you. It will do everything you need to do and travel everywhere you need to go.