Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager Review

Bruntmor Cordless Rechargeable Neck and Shoulder Massager ReviewRejoice Brookstone fans! Yes, we know you were all waiting for the moment that we would introduce a Brookstone product. Brookstone has been leading the way in consumer electronics for some time now, and they have amassed quite the reputation for delivering nice, quality products that people love. Though they certainly aren’t notorious for being affordable, they have a nice following nonetheless because of customer service and product quality.

This massager from Brookstone is far & away the most expensive massager in our list, but is it worth it? We’ll find out. We took a deep dive into this product and it is a unique design from all the other ones that we have seen so far.

This cordless massager from Brookstone puts a modern and stylish spin on an already popular product and possibly even adds further to the experience with the cordless design. If you love massages and you love Brookstone, follow along here!

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Best Features

This massager performs the same responsibilities that almost every massager that we’ve looked has done. It is designed to help relieve tension in your muscles and the rest of your body through a motorized deep tissue Shiatsu massage that is designed to imitate a real-life massage and this is one of the best shiatsu massager for neck pain that you can get in this market.

This massager by Brookstone is carefully designed to ensure that the nodes of the massager touch both sides of your spine for balance and comfort. If you are experiencing all-around discomfort or tension, this is a great way to address it and prevent some of the negative health effects that can take hold if left ignored.

Something that is a bit unique in this massager compared to the other ones is the vibrate feature. You can adjust this using the control panel. There are 3 levels of vibration to choose from. Some people choose to turn on the vibrate feature during their massage while others would rather have it all by itself. It is a matter of personal preference, but we’re just impressed that this massager has that feature!

This massager is rechargeable and cordless, which is the first rechargeable massager in this design that we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing in this buying guide. Since the massager is completely rechargeable, that means you can charge it and take it anywhere that you want to go. This means that you aren’t tethered to an outlet whenever you want to have a massage. You could easily go sit in the yard and enjoy a nice Shiatsu massage or take it in the car with you!

The massage nodes themselves contain 8 individual nodes which do their best to imitate a real Shiatsu massage. These nodes have the ability to be raised or lowered so that you can reach the areas that you want to hit with no problem! You also have adjustable heat options if you want to introduce some soothing heat into your massages.

Things to Know

Though this massager runs on a rechargeable lithium battery, you should know that when it is empty, you can run the massager directly by plugging it into the outlet. Even if the battery is completely empty, it will still work when you plug it in.

The control panel is easy to use and allows you to control speed, direction, and heat. Being able to custom tailor your experience is such a vital part of the Shiatsu massage and will allow you to relax exactly the way that you want to without compromise.

The rechargeable battery can be expected to run 3 full massages with heat when charged fully. That’s about 1 hour total of massage time on a single charge. This isn’t fantastic, but it’s not bad either, for an electronic massager. The flexibility to take it anywhere is liberating, so it’s worth getting even if the battery life isn’t superb.

Best Comparison

Since it is rechargeable, we thought the best comparison would be the Bruntmor Cordless Rechargeable Massager. As we see it, there are two key differences between these two massagers. First, the Brookstone one is much, much less affordable than the massager by Bruntmor. The second thing that we found was that the Brookstone massager is also much more fashionable and possibly something you would be a little bit more proud to take in public on a plane. If looks aren’t that important to you, the Bruntmor delivers essentially the same thing at a lower price.

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Though Brookstone does a great job as always of delivering a high-quality, good-looking product, it is the most expensive massager on our list. If you love Brookstone products and are willing to invest a significant amount in a massager, feel free to get this neck and shoulder massager!