BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table Review

BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table ReviewThis option from Best Massage checks all the boxes: comfortable; strong; no tools required for setup; even an adjustable height function. It has a headrest with a cutout for facedown massages and an arm sling. There’s even a removable cutout for facedown massages in the case that you don’t have the included headrest with you.

Overall, we have no large complaints about this table; it fulfills all the functions you’d expect a midrange massage table to do. That said, we did find ourselves slightly dissatisfied with this massage table’s functionality, wishing it could do slightly more, especially as Best Massage is a large and relatively well-known brand, which has the resources to do something truly innovative and maybe not a massage table that offers superior comfort to other products on the list.

Setting that single complaint aside, however, this table is the epitome of a midrange option. It’s sturdy, made from decent materials, has a decent height/weight limit and will do pretty much anything you ask it to. If you’re looking for a massage table that is neither too expensive nor too cheap, this one should suit you just fine.

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As previously mentioned, the features included with this massage table are more or less standard. There’s an included headrest and arm sling, as well as a cutout in the upper third of the table, which is a pretty standard design. There are also winged armrests on either side of the table for slightly larger users or those who have long arms.

This table also comes with a carrying case that you can carry either by the handles or by a padded shoulder strap. A side pocket on the bag is intended for oils, towels, or any other accessories a masseuse might need to bring along while working for a client.

Dimensions and Product Design

This table is 84” long and 24.5” wide, which is standard for portable massage tables.

One thing to note is that this massage table only weighs 32 pounds, despite its standard feature set and adjustable height function. That makes it about five or more pounds lighter than most comparable massage tables. As such, if portability is an important consideration for you or if you’re not big on lifting heavy objects, this could be the perfect midrange massage table.

This massage table can also cover up to 450 pounds, which is a pretty high threshold, especially when considering the design, which accounts for a height-adjustable frame. The reinforced beech which makes up the frame, though, as well as the reinforced hardwood corner blocks, contribute to this table’s exceptional stability.


As far as quality goes, this table is right on the money for a midrange portable massage table option. The reinforced beech that makes up the frame is a nice touch, as are the reinforced hardwood corner blocks — many manufacturers skimp a bit on the wooden frame, but Best Massage made sure it’d be up to standard on this table.

On thing that we wish was slightly better was the foam padding underneath the PU covering on the chair. It’s rather generic, and while it does the job, there’s nothing particularly remarkable about it.

One easily redeeming factor, however, is the adjustable-height frame. It’s both well-designed and relatively easy to use; the height can be adjusted between 24” and 34”, and no additional, specialized tools are needed to do so. This can be a great feature if this table will be used by several different masseuses or for a wide range of clients and massage styles. One example would be in a student or business setting.


To start with, this chair is covered with a synthetic, PU leather covering which is vegan-friendly and easily cleaned, especially in comparison to real leather or to a different kind of fabric. It also won’t pick up oils, stains or odors the same way a different fabric would.

The frame itself is made of reinforced beech, just like the reinforced hinges. There is also a set of steel support cables undergirding the wooden frame. The headrest, armrests and entire top of the table are covered with a foam padding that lies beneath the synthetic leather covering.

Pros and Cons


● Name-brand table design
● Solid feature set
● Decent (if slightly generic) table foam
● Adjustable height is a nice touch, especially at this price


● Nothing particularly remarkable about this table for the price point

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Overall, though we weren’t necessarily impressed with BestMassage’s PU portable massage table, we didn’t come away disappointed, either. In our experience, it simply did its job and all of the included basic features performed well, if unremarkable. At this price, it’s possible to get more impressive tables, but this table could be an attractive option if you’re into the burgundy colorway, which is uncommon and striking. In conclusion, we’d recommend this table, especially if it’s possible to find it for a discount.