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Hot stone massage helps the body redirect blood flow by dilating blood vessels through the area to which they are applied. Increased blood flow is associated with an accelerated healing effect, which can be of great help to athletes and people who have sustained muscle or joint injuries. This healing effect can be compounded by alternating between hot and cold stone massage, which can reduce some of the inflammation associated with exercise and injury. For hundreds of years people have been enjoying the therapeutic benefits of stone massage. With these high-quality massage stones, kits, and heaters, so can you.

Massage Stones Reviews

#1 Gua Sha Set 

gua sha scraping massage stones

Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tools with Smooth Edge - Stone Set

  • Set of 4 stones
  • 100% genuine sibin bianstone
  • Free e-book instructions included

This Gua Sha stone set is a great package which comes with bonus materials such as an educational e-book. Gua Sha relaxes the muscles and provides soothing relaxation. Gua Sha massages can even reduce wrinkles and decrease the effects of aging. The four piece stone set comes with a cotton carrying case which keeps the stones from bumping against each other and damaging one another. These facial massage stones can help to give you the skin you have also dreamed off, reducing wrinkles, acne, and puffiness.

You can use these stones on not only the face, but on all areas of the body such as the neck, shoulders, and back. The stimulating massage can help to improve circulation, providing relief from a variety of medical symptoms such as chronic fatigue and pain. These massage stones are made out of 100% authentic Sibin Bian stones which retain temperature as well as having a smooth texture that is perfect for massages.


  • Four massaging stones.
  • Made out of Bian stones.
  • Improves skin.
  • Can be used all over the body.
  • Relaxes muscles.
  • Comes with a cotton carrying bag.
  • Comes with an educational e-book.
  • Activities trigger points.
  • Triangle shape stone for shoulders and neck.
  • Heart shape stone for arms and legs.
  • Wing shape stone for scalp and face.
  • Wave shape for face and around eyes.

#2 Portable Hot Stone Warmer Set

serenelife portable hot stone warmer set

SereneLife Portable Massage Stone Warmer Set

  • Six large and six small stones included
  • Made out of natural basalt volcanic rock
  • Heats up to 158 degrees fahrenheit

This kit comes with twelve Basalt volcanic stones along with a heating kit. The heating kit includes a portable and lightweight bag with a digital controller. The carrying case and the heater are integrated into one contraption which makes this great for traveling massage therapists. Each natural basalt rock stone holds heat for up to 35 minutes, which is longer than most other types of massage stones. The stone heater works in only 20 minutes to heat up the massage stones all the way.

There is a wired LCD digital control that connects to the heating bag and allows you to easily control the function of the heater. The temperature of the stones can range from 86 to 158 degrees fahrenheit. It comes with a car adapter as well as a car plug. You can heat up the stones in between massage appointments in the car which makes this the best massage stones kit for traveling massage therapists. The wires for the controller can be easily tucked away within the handy storage pocket on the front of the bag for a clean and stylish carrying case.


  • Car adapter and wall plug included.
  • Six large and six small stones included.
  • Made out of natural basalt volcanic rock.
  • Each rock holds heat for about thirty minutes.
  • Comes with an LCD screen remote controller.
  • Portable carrying case.
  • Heater works in only twenty minutes.
  • Heats up to 158 degrees fahrenheit.

#3 Hot Stones

hot stones 6 large massage stones

Hot Stones - 6 Large Essential Massage Stones Set

  • Six large stones
  • High-quality, all-natural volcanic rock
  • The stones heat up quickly

This set of six large massage stones comes with four placement stones and two working stones. The placement stones are usually set about on different parts of the body while one of each of the two working stones is used in each hand to massage the neck, back, and shoulders. This is the best massage stones set for beginners at at-home hot stone massage as well as professional massage therapists. These stones will heat up quickly and retain the heat for a long time.

These polished natural lava rocks are the perfect smooth texture to glide over the surface of the skin and the size of them is good for gripping in the hand for most people. There are slight variations between each of these natural rocks, and they have a slightly matte texture that works best when combined with a massage oil or lotion. Each of the carefully polished stones is made out of the highest quality all-natural volcanic rock. The placement rocks are a comfortable weight for adding pressure to key areas of the back and body.


  • Six large stones.
  • Four placement stones.
  • High-quality, all-natural volcanic rock.
  • The stones heat up quickly.
  • Two working stones for massaging sore muscles.
  • Each stone is carefully polished.

#4 Heat Wave

heat-wave hot stone massage tool

Heat-Wave (Original Black) Synergy Stone

  • Handcrafted out of real stone
  • Designed by a professional massage therapist
  • Combines heat, pressure, and movement

You will want to invest in some high-quality, non toxic massage oil for this synergy stone. It has a matte surface which provides great tension for deep tissue massages and works best when used in combination with massage oil or lotion. The heat-wave synergy stone comes in a variety of colors including the original black. It is a tool that can be used by physical therapists, massage therapists, athletes, and at-home care alike.

The synergy stone has two long flat sides, three knobs, and two blunt ends for massaging. The size and shape makes it easy to grip and move along the body to provide a deep tissue massage. You can easily heat up this stone using hot water and you can also heat it up using a microwave over in only 90 seconds. The combination of heat, motion, and pressure will activate a healing response within your body, creating total synergy.


  • Handcrafted out of real stone.
  • Gets hot in 60-90 seconds in a microwave.
  • Deep muscle massage.
  • Cradles your body.
  • Easy to use.
  • Combines heat, pressure, and movement.
  • Designed by a professional massage therapist.
  • Works best with oils.

#5 Jade Gua Sha Scraping Stone

rosenice gua sha scraping massage stone

Rosenice Aventurine Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tools, Natural Stone

  • Made of 100% green Jade
  • Traditional Chinese massage method
  • Heart shape

This Guasha board by Rosenice is made out of Aventurine stone is beautiful as well as an effective tool for combatting the symptoms of aging, fatigue, and stiff muscles. This traditional Chinese therapy increases blood flow in the skin and muscles to rejuvenate the body. Using Gua Sha boards like this is a great way to prevent the signs of aging such as sagging skin and wrinkles. This Chinese physical therapy treatment is a great way to look and feel younger and more energized naturally.

Gua Sha stones are the best massage stones for facial massages because they stimulate the circulation in your skin to prevent wrinkles. Made out of 100% Jade stone, this Gua Sha massage board is a beautiful addition to your collection of massage tools. This stone is made in the “heart” shape of Gua Sha, which is the perfect shape for massaging the entire body from head to toe. The smooth surface of the rock will be therapeutic and beneficial to working out sore muscles and tension.


  • Heart shape.
  • Massager for the whole body.
  • Made of 100% green Jade.
  • Traditional Chinese massage method.
  • Combats the signs of aging.
  • Use for beauty and health.
  • For professional or at-home use.
  • Lifetime customer care.

#6 Synergy Stones

sereme synergy stones

Serene (Original Black)(Single) Synergy Stone

  • Gets hot in 60-90 sec in a microwave
  • Handcrafted and Durable stones
  • Ceramic Stones

This synergy stone comes in a small, hand-held size that is perfect for holding in your hand and massaging all over the body. The matte surface of the stone is great for adding tension to the pressure for a deeper massage, but it only works correctly when used with massage oil or lotion. It comes in a variety of fun colors in addition to the classic, traditional black stone massage tool. You can use one of each of these synergy stones in each hand to give a deep, amazing massage. The shape of these stones is ideal for fitting in between muscles and bones for a deep tissue massage.

Made out of durable stoneware, each one of these Serene Synergy stones are made in the USA. These tools are meant to protect your hands while delivering a deep and healing massage. These stones combine heat, pressure, and motion for a synergy of healing. The stone can be heated using a microwave oven or hot water in only 60 to 90 seconds and is ready for use. They retain heat for longer than many other leading massage stones.


  • Comfort grip shape.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Comes in black or fun colors.
  • Combines heat, pressure, and motion.
  • Stone heats up in less than 90 seconds.
  • Makes massages easier on your hands.
  • Only use with massage oils.
  • Hand-crafted.

The Benefits of Stone Massage

stones and candles

Stone massages have been used for hundreds of years by many cultures. Hot stone massage has most notably been used by Asian cultures such as Chinese hot stone massage or Gua Sha massage. The reason why the practice of stone massage has carried on over the years is because of their amazing health benefits.

Using stones to massage the face, back, neck, and shoulders can enhance the massage through heat and pressure. Stone massage uses the power of stone to provide healing through massage. The stones can be heated or cooled to add additional therapeutic properties.

Massages can be tough on the hands, but massaging with stones can put some of the pressure on to the stones and off of the massage therapists hands which allows to massage the muscles deeper and for longer. Hot stone massages can increase your overall health. They increase circulation and release stress, which is one of the main causes of illness. Using hot stone massage in combination with a healthy lifestyle can help you manage stress, tension, and even lose weight. Here are a few of the reasons why people have been using stone massage techniques for hundreds of years.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages are done by heating up rocks in water or in a heating apparatus and then applying them to the skin. Using heat in combination with the pressure and motion of massage can enhance the experience. Heat therapy is great for stiff muscles and the added heat of the hot stones can help your muscles to more fully relax. In order to ensure that the hot stone massage is safe, you should always test the heat of the stone before placing it fully on anyone’s body.

The stones can usually be heated by boiling them in water, or by using a heater. Other methods of heating up the stones can include putting them in the microwave. Hot stones can be used to knead and press into sore muscles to relieve tension, or they can be placed on key pressure points across the body while the masseuse works on other areas of the body.

Usually the type of stones that are used are flat and have been polished to a smooth texture. When the rocks have a matte texture they add increased grip on the skin, which is why it is important to use a high-quality massage oil or massage lotion in combination with the hot stones. Looking at reviews on massage stones can help you determine which massage stone kit is right for your household or business.

Melts Away Tension

The heat from a hot stone massage is a powerful tool in combating tension. Tension can build up in your shoulders, neck, and back from the daily stresses of work, exercise, and life. The heat and pressure from a hot stone massage can be a powerful tool in combating the physical effects of stress. Release the tension from your muscles will help you feel better physically and emotionally as your tension is lifted. Massages can be a great step towards stress management, especially for those with chronic back pain. Hot stone massages are super relaxing and enjoyable, which is why they have been practiced for hundreds of years.

Eases Muscle Stiffness

Muscle stiffness can occur due to aging, exercise, work, and illness. To combat muscle stiffness, massages can be used in combination with hot stone therapy. Hot stones are great for relieving muscle stiffness as the heat will relax the muscles while the stone massages them. Athletes and physical therapists both agree that hot stone massage therapy is a good way to relieve muscle stiffness. Loosening up the muscles is easier with stones than it is with your hands because using the stones allows you to penetrate the muscles deeper and massage for longer without your hands becoming tired.

Increases Circulation

Massages in general will increase your circulation, meaning that your blood will circulate faster through your body providing oxygen to all of your organs and rejuvenating your immune system. Using hot stones in combination with massage will use heat, motion, and pressure to stimulate the blood flow in your skin and muscles. Increasing circulation is great for boosting the immune system and activating healing within your body.

Increased circulation means that you will recover from workouts and injuries faster. Using hot stone massages to increase circulation can also help you look better, as increased circulation will help to tighten facial wrinkles and more.

Cold Stone Massage

The benefit of using cold stones for massage instead of hot stones is that cold is better for battling inflammation. For inflammation and swelling, massaging with a set of cold massage stones can offer some relief. The motion can help to work out the cause of inflammation by increasing circulation and blood flow. Cold stones can be used in places where blood vessels are popped or swollen such as in the case of bruising or injury. Cold stones are also great for use on the face for soothing puffiness and swelling.

man getting a stone massage

For warm temperatures and hot days, a cold stone massage can help provide relief from the heat and soothe hot skin. Some masseuses utilize ice in cold massage, however cold stone massage offers all the benefits of ice massage without the potential skin irritation and numbness associated with applying ice to the skin.

Gua Sha Massage

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese form of massage that involves scraping a polished stone over the surface of the skin to decrease inflammation and improve circulation. The stones used for Gua Sha are smoothed and shaped to precisely massage certain areas of the body. The stones used for Gua Sha massage can also be heated as well as cool to enhance the experience or to relieve different symptoms.

Gua Sha addresses what the Chinese call “chi”, or stagnant energy. This stagnant energy can also be regarded medically as inflammation in the muscles or joints, and working out this inflammation through massage is one way to offer relief. For those with headaches and migraines Gua Sha can help. Gua Sha stones for migraines can be used on the face and neck. Breastfeeding women can also find relief from certain symptoms through the use of a Gua Sha massage set. Chinese Gua Sha techniques can offer relief for those who have not been able to find relief through traditional medicine.

Types of Stones

stones for hot stone massage

The type of stone used for the massage can matter a lot. The texture and heat retention of the stones will all affect the quality of the massage. Some stones are best used for hot massages while others are made only for cold massages. Some stones are man made while others are naturally formed. Natural stones are generally preferable, but man made stones may offer similar results for a lower price.

Basalt Stones

Basalt stones are a type of igneous rock which are formed through volcanic eruptions. Basalt stone is sometimes called lava stone, although they are actually two different things. Both types of stone are volcanic rocks which are harvested for their smooth texture and for how they retain heat for hot stone massages. Once basalt stones have been heated up they retain the temperature for a long time which makes them great for long massages. They also are smooth and flat naturally which is ideal for a relaxing massage. When used for massage, basalt stones offer the optimal surface for distributing oils.

Best Stones For Hot Stone Massage

Basalt is the preferred stone among massage therapists for hot stone massage due to their smooth texture and excellent heat retention. Their high iron content enables them to hold onto warmth throughout your massage, and their use in hot stone massage is a part of an extended tradition which is believed to have originated in China or India.

Marble Stones

Marble stones are renowned for their fantastic cold retention, which makes them ideal for cold stone massage. Their smooth surface and weighty pressure, when combined with the inflammation-reducing action of the cold, reduces blood flow and eases tension in sore muscles. The cool stones draw excess warmth out of the skin and soothe areas of stiffness. A cold stone massage can be particularly refreshing during hot summer days, when people tend to be more active.

Best For Cold Stone Massage

Marble, a close cousin of limestone, is a highly dense stone which dissipates body heat quickly when applied to the skin. Its conductive properties make it the best candidate for cold stone massage, and is almost universally used by cold stone massage therapists. In addition, the stone’s luxurious appearance and texture evoke a sense of opulence. A cold stone massage serves to slow blood flow in the areas to which the stones are applied, which in turn reduces inflammation in the muscles and eases painful swelling.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Massage Stones

Massage stones should be chosen carefully based on the type of massage desired by the recipient. Marble stones, while beautiful and cold-retaining, do not retain heat nearly as well as basalt stones, which contain a higher proportion of metal, increasing their heat-retaining properties. Stones should be picked based on the size, shape, and material preferences of both the massage giver and recipient. 

facial massage with hot stones

There are a wide array of options that cater to the wants and needs of any buyer. Some buyers may alternate between hot and cold stone massage, but this may not be suited to every buyer. Someone who tends to experience chills may feel the need to steer away from cold stone massage.

Stone Types

There are a variety of stone shapes and sizes which can help ease complaints of stiffness and soreness, and offer a highly individualized approach to relaxing while releasing bodily tension. River stones are highly sought after in hot stone massage due to their naturally crafted, round surface from the currents of the river. Cultivating a set of carefully chosen massage stones can offer many benefits to the home or spa masseuse.

Stones Sizes and Shapes

When shopping for a set of massage stones for your business or for at-home use, you will want to consider how many stones come in the kit and what shapes they are. Different sizes and shapes of stones have different purposes when it comes to massage. Smaller stones can be held in your hands to massage sore muscles, whereas larger stones are applied to put pressure on certain points.

You can buy a massage stone kit that comes with multiple size stones, and this can get you started with giving hot stone massages right away. Smaller sized stones are typically used for facials or manicures, and medium to large stones are used to massage the back, legs, arms, and shoulders. It is best to have a combination of sizes of stones in your arsenal.

Number of Stones

The number of stones in the kit can vary as well. Typically, between one and six stones is used at a time in a massage, but it is also beneficial to have extra stones that can be heating while the others are in use. The number of stones in the kit will have an effect on the price as well. Ideally, you will want to have one stone for each hand and then a couple more for applying pressure around the body. If you are using the massage stone kit professionally you should opt for more stones and more size variations, but if you are doing at-home massages between six and ten stones should be enough.


You will find that many hot stone sets will come with storage. Storage for the stones is important, especially if you plan on taking them with you on house calls. Many of the kits included in this buying guide will have some sort of storage, such as a bag, included. If there is no storage included with the purchase of the stones, you will want to provide some sort of storage container that does not allow the stones to touch.

If the stones are directly touching in the storage container they could become chipped as they bounce against each other. Some kits use a cloth bag to separate each stone, whereas the more expensive kits provide a carrying case that has a set place for each size stone. Stones should be safely stored in order to prevent chipping, cracking, or scuffing, which can impact the quality of your massage.

Hot Stone Sets

Buying the hot stones as a part of a set is a great way to get started right away. A hot stone set will come with everything that you need such as a variety of sizes and shapes of stones, towels, storage, and a heater for the stones. The price of the hot stone set may be less than buying each of these components individually. Buying a hot stone set from a reputable retailer is a great way to get started with adding hot stone massages to your arsenal of spa treatments, or enjoying hot stone massages at home.


The best massage stones available today are provided to the public by companies committed to supplying consumers with a high-quality product to fulfill the differing needs of their thousands of loyal customers. Whether you are shopping for a massage stones set for your massage business or for at-home use, our buying guides can help. We only include reviews of the very best products that are currently on the market. Each of the massage stone sets that are included in this buying guide are best-selling and are suitable for at-home and professional spa use. They are also safe to use and have been tested and certified as professional grade.

Finding the best massage stone set for you does not have to be a hassle. After reading this handy buying guide you should have a better idea of what to look for when shopping for a set of massage stones. The therapeutic benefits of massage stones have been used for hundreds of years. Many will enjoy the benefits that hot stone massages continue to provide such as relief from the symptoms of chronic back pain and fatigue. Thank you for taking the time to read this buying guide containing our unbiased reviews on massage stones, we hope that the information included within this article enables you to make an informed decision when purchasing massage stones for use by either amateurs or professionals.

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