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Many adults complain of suffering from chronic stress and foot pain from work. If this sounds like you, you may benefit from the many therapeutic properties of a home foot spa. For relaxation, stress relief, and comfort there is no better solution than a relaxing foot bath. Soak your worries away with any of the best-selling home foot spas included in this guide. We only include reviews of the best products that are currently on the market and our reviews are also 100% unbiased.

Home Foot Spa Reviews

Finding the best foot spa does not have to be a hassle. One way to find out about the features of a foot spa before you buy is to look at the foot spa review. Most great foot spas for home will have positive reviews as well as a warranty that guarantees your satisfaction with the product. All of the foot spas that we include in our buying guides have been rigorously tested and certified as being safe and long-lasting models.

If you are looking for a nice foot spa this buying guide can help. There is more than one popular foot spa with great features currently on the market and the options can be overwhelming. To help narrow down your choices to the very best, we have put together this foot spa buying guide.

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In this comprehensive guide to the best foot spa we give an overview of how to find the perfect foot spa for home use. Pedicures can be expensive and so can foot massages, but with a home foot spa you can enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic experience of a foot soak from the convenience of your own home. A top rated foot spa for home use will be an easy to use foot spa that is safe and offers long-lasting performance. Here is a list of the best-selling home foot spas currently available on the market.

#1 The Winner

Ovitus Foot Bath Spa Massager

Ovitus Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat, 16 Pedicure Spa

  • Motorized Shiatsu Roller
  • Adjustable Water Temperature
  • Self Drainage

One of the ways that this foot bath spa can improve your life is through the acupuncture massage. Not only does this massager help to relieve pain from achy toes, heels, and arches, but it also targets pressure points on the feet that are related to the function of each organ. Massaging the feet can energize the system and help to prevent the symptoms of chronic fatigue. The foot massage is fully automatic and you can combine multiple functions at once such as acupuncture, heating, and bubbles.

The goal of these therapies is to increase circulation to improve energy levels and promote healing throughout the body. There is a heating setting on the foot spa as well that lets you customize the temperature to your comfort. It is a self-draining system that is very easy to use and maintain. When you are done using it, the cleanup takes only a few moments, and it is easily stored away until next time. It has a super quiet operation as well that will not disturb you as you enjoy your relaxing foot soak.


  • Motorized shiatsu roller.
  • Acupuncture point massage.
  • Frequency conversion.
  • O2 Bubbles Adjustable time & temperature. LED display.
  • Red light.
  • Bubbles.
  • Heating.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Made of sturdy plastics.
  • Uses 30% less power than the previous model.
  • Super fast heating.
  • Leak-free.

#2 Runner Up

kendal all in one foot spa

Kendal All in One Foot Spa Bath Massager w/Heat

  • Promotes Circulation
  • Two Massage Rollers
  • ETL Certified

This all-in-one foot spa provides a combination of heating therapy, oxygen bubble massage, and a high-frequency vibration massage to relieve stress and pressure in the feet. It comes in an adorable pink color that you will love. This system will promote circulation in the feet as well as relieving fatigue and soothing the stress of a long day at work. Athletes can also use this foot bath to recover faster from workouts. It uses a quality PTC heater which works faster than most standard models. It is super safe and efficient and has been rigorously tested to ensure quality standards are met.

Made out of high-quality materials and sturdy plastics, this foot bath is made to last the test of time. It makes a great gift for all of the members of your family as any size foot can fit in this foot bath. It is certified by the ETL and has extra electric leakage protection to make it one of the safest foot spas available. It has two active massage rollers which roll over the whole foot to eliminate fatigue and soothe pain. Combine the rollers with heat and vibration and you have one of the most relaxing foot massage experiences you can get from home all at a super affordable price.


  • Affordable price.
  • Promotes circulation.
  • Heats up fast.
  • Increases energy.
  • Two massage rollers.
  • High-quality plastic construction.
  • Certified as safe and durable.
  • Super efficient.

#3 Best Budget

maxkare foot spa and bath massager

MaxKare Foot Spa/Bath Massager with Heat Bubbles Vibration

  • Three In One Function
  • Temperature Control
  • Non-slip Rubber Bottom

If you are looking for the best foot spa for gifts or for yourself, you should consider this MaxKare foot spa at-home massage system. This three in one spa includes heating, bubbles, and vibration. The bubbles and heat will increase circulation in the feet which is proven to decrease the symptoms of chronic fatigue to help you have more energy throughout the day. Foot baths not only help with the pain of being on your feet all day. There are pressure points that can be activated on the feet that will help you feel better overall.

This is one of the most intelligent machines for home feet baths. It remembers your preferred temperature settings so that you can easily maintain the warmth that you prefer. You do not have to add any hot water to the foot spa as it heats the water itself and maintains the temperature with ease. On the bottom of the foot spa is a massage as well as removable rollers. The four removable massaging rollers provide a deep tissue massage on the feet to the extent that you press your feet down onto them. There are also acu-nodes on the foot spa which activate the pressure points we talked about earlier that increase the function of your internal organs for overall healthier living.


  • FDA certified.
  • Non-slip rubber bottom.
  • Transparent design.
  • Compact size with roomy inside for any size feet.
  • Massager and rollers.
  • Acu-pressure nodes.
  • Three in one function.
  • Adjustable heating.
  • For all size feet.

#4 High Performance

Kendal foot spa with heat

All in One Large Safest Foot Spa Bath Massager w/Heat

  • Controlable Temperature
  • Overheating Protection
  • Self Drainage

This high-performance home spa bath for feet is in all-in-one system for relieving your stress and foot pain. It uses a combination of bubble massage, heat therapy, and vibration to relax the muscles and trigger pressure points in the feet for overall health and wellbeing. The size of this foot bath is suitable for men and women with all size feet. The whole machine is certified by the ETL so you can rest assured that it is safe, efficient, and long lasting.

Bubble massage stimulates blood circulation for faster healing and decreased fatigue symptoms. There are many health benefits to using a relaxing home spa foot bath to relieve foot pain and stress. This is one of the highest quality foot baths that is currently available in the market, and it uses quality PTC heating to provide speedy heating that is safe and consistent. The insulated chamber maintains the temperature so that the machine runs the most efficiently.


  • Three preset massages.
  • Vibrations.
  • Bubble massage.
  • Heating.
  • Self-draining.
  • Made of sturdy plastic.
  • High temperature resistant.
  • Anti-aging.

#5 Best With Bubbles

Arealer Foot Spa Massager with bubbles

Arealer Foot Spa/Bath Massager with Bubbles and Lights

  • 6 Massage Modes
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • CE and ROHS Approved

This arealer foot bath massager has automatic massaging rollers to relieve foot pain with six in one therapeutic function. This six in one massager for feet not only has bubbles and lights for a relaxing soak, but also provides six different massage modes. The modes include automatic roller massage, foot stone massage, bubble massage, heating, timing, and heat preservation. You can perform the functions separately or together. This foot bath is a good size for almost all foot sizes and can accommodate feet up to sixteen inches long.

The combination of the automatic rollers and bubble massage can relieve foot pain, tension, and fatigue using pressure points on the feet. The automatic roller massage has three intensity settings which you can adjust to your comfort. The massage rollers can give a deep tissue massage as you relax your feet into them. You can also adjust the heat on the water to your comfort and it takes only moments to adjust. For the heat and bubbles you can set a timer from ten to sixty minutes. You can place salts, essential oils, and other additives into the water to enhance the experience.


  • Three automatic roller massage settings.
  • Six massage modes.
  • Bubble massage.
  • Adjustable heat settings.
  • Timer and clock.
  • CE and ROHS certified.
  • Automatic power-off function.
  • One year warranty.

Home Foot Spa Buying Guide

Benefits of a Home Foot Spa

There are many benefits to using a home foot spa. They can remove dead skin from the feet and soften the skin to make the toes and feet look and feel better. They can also help to relieve foot pain from exercise or from standing all day. The benefits to using a home foot spa can go on and on. One incredible benefit that many people do not know about is pressure point therapy. There are spots on the feet that are connected to your internal organs and applying pressure there can stimulate the functions of those organs for improved overall health and well-being.

Fott spa massager

Lower Your Stress

One of the reasons why people seek out a home foot spa bath is for stress management. After a long day in the office or taking after kids, relaxing and kicking back with your feet soaking in a foot bath is a great way to burn off that extra stress. Stress is one of the main causes of disease and can lead to increased risk of heart attack and more. To relieve stress you can try using a foot bath. The combination of warmth and massage will relax your whole body by allowing you to healthily relieve stress.

Relieve Aching Blood Circulation

If there is poor blood circulation in the feet it is common for them to ache. Improving the blood circulation can provide almost instant relief from chronic foot pain symptoms. A combination of massaging and heat can be used to improve the circulation. Improving the circulation in the feet will promote faster healing and make you feel more energetic.

Relieves Arthritis Pain

Those who suffer from arthritis pain can also find relief from their symptoms by using a foot bath such as the ones included in this buying guide. Arthritis can be super painful and working long hours can inflame the joints. If somebody in your family has arthritis, buying them a home spa foot bath can make a great gift. Soaking your feet in a massaging home spa bath kit will help to manage your arthritis pain without the use of medication or expensive doctors.

Reduces Headaches

Fatigue and headaches can be caused by stress, poor circulation, and more. If you are a sufferer of chronic headaches and fatigue, you may want to try using a foot bath. How does a foot bath stop a headache? There are pressure points in the feet that are directly tied to other parts of the body such as the internal organs and even the brain. By stimulating the blood flow in the feet you can help to destress the entire body and release tension and help the headache subside naturally. Likewise, pressure point therapy can help reduce a headache. For chronic headaches and tension, a foot bath will reduce symptoms over time if used regularly in combination with a healthy lifestyle.


The heat and vibrations from a foot bath are calming and relaxing. You should enjoy a home foot spa treatment for no reason other than it simply feels amazing. You deserve to pamper yourself, and a home foot spa is an affordable way to give yourself regular spa treatments at home. If you suffer from foot pain this is especially powerful. On cold days and nights you will love warming up your feet using your home foot bath set.

Better Sleep

You may even sleep better after using a home spa treatment for your feet. There are a few reasons why you sleep better after a foot massage. The first reason is that the experience distressed you and allows your muscles to relax all over your body as you take a big sigh of relief after a long day. In addition to helping you sleep by releasing stress and tension, a home foot spa can also help you sleep by activating certain pressure points in the feet. Increasing circulation in the feet and applying pressure to certain points can stimulate the sleep center of your brain for deeper and more restful sleep every night.

Top Things to Consider When Buying a Home Foot Spa

When buying a home foot spa it may be easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of options that are available when it comes to brand, color, and features. In this buying guide we have given a list of reviews for some of the best home foot spas that you can currently buy in market as well as an overview of why a home foot spa is good for you and who may benefit from using one. Now we are going to give an overview of the top things that you should consider when buying a home foot spa.

Heating Option

Not all home foot spas come with the option for heat. The option for heat may not be necessary because you warm up the water before you put it into the tub, however the water may become cool quickly and will need to be replaced in order to keep the water warm. Many people prefer a home bath with a heating option. There can be variations in the heating option as well. The heat may have a simple off and on setting or you may have a full temperature range to choose from.

Some foot baths do not heat up the water, but have a setting for heat retention that will help to retain the temperature of the warm water that you added. When shopping around for a home foot spa with a heating option it is super important to look for products that have been tested and certified safe, especially because these products combine both electricity and water.

Vibration and Massage Functions

The home foot spa bath may employ one or more forms of massage. One type of massage which is common in home foot spa systems is vibrations. Vibrations are great for stimulating circulation and relaxing sore muscles. The functions on the foot spa can vary from a simple on/off vibration button to a completely adjustable vibration setting that goes from low to high. Massage functions can vary from one foot spa to another, so for the best results look for a system that combines multiple different kinds of massage including vibrations.

Jets - Water jets and bubble jets are often used as a form of massage in a home foot spa. This is an effective and efficient form of massage which uses water pressure to massage the bones, joints, and muscles of the feet with warm water or bubbles. Jets are just one of many massage features to be found on modern home foot spas.

The more jets the better, but be sure to look for a product that has customizable and adjustable settings. If the jets are too intense the experience will not be enjoyable which is why it is recommended to find a foot bath spa that has adjustable settings for each massage feature.

Bubbles and Waterfalls

Bubbles and waterfalls are a soothing and fun addition to the home foot spa. Bubbles can be used as part of the massage to improve circulation in the feet for better health and wellness. Bubbles and waterfalls are both testaments to the beautiful, relaxing power of water. A foot spa with bubbles can help you manage your stress in addition to releasing tension and foot pain.

Pedi Attachments

There are footcare attachments that can be integrated into the home foot spa system. Loofahs, stones, and other scrubbers are often attached to or built-in to the home foot spa so that you can exfoliate your feet at the same time as you soak them. When your feet are soft from soaking is the best time to complete pedicure treatments. Home foot spas are not just for pain relief and stress management, they can also help you have healthier, better looking, and better smelling feet.


When you are relaxing with your home foot spa you do not want to be distracted by obnoxious buzzing, humming, or clunking sounds from the system itself. Some foot spas are super noisy and make a lot of mechanical buzzing noise, or the bubble jets can make a lot of noise. Looking at the reviews for the product online is one way you can get an idea of how noisy the home foot spa is before you buy it.

Manual or Electric Rollers

Manual rollers require you to move your feet over them to massage the feet by applying pressure. This is great because you have greater control over the amount of pressure you like on certain parts of your feet. Electric rollers are more popular however because they allow you to sit back and relax while the massager does all of the work. If the electric rollers are too intense in the amount of pressure they provide it can be uncomfortable which is why it is recommended to buy a system that has adjustable settings.

Options for Bigger Feet

If your feet are up to a size men's 14 they will be suitable for all of the products that we listed in the buying guide. However, if your feet are abnormally large you may have difficulty finding a foot spa that will fit with your foot size. You can find out what size foot the product takes by looking at the product descriptions. If you are unsure if your feet will fit or not, make sure to only order from companies with a money back policy. You can always make your own foot bath by putting a massager on the bottom of a container that you can fill with hot water and/or bath salts.

Ease of Use

If you have difficulty lifting heavy objects you may have difficulty draining a foot bath. Luckily, many luxury modern home foot spas come with self draining pipes so that you can save your back the trouble. Some units are harder than others to get set up. In addition to the set up time, cleaning up is perhaps more important. Leaving standing water in the foot bath for long periods of time or failing to clean it regularly could cause unnecessary system failure and blockages. For the most relaxing experience, choose a system that is easy to use with easy carry handles as well as a self draining system.

Remotes and Toe Touch Controls

It can be hard on your back and knees to bend over to adjust the settings on the foot spa from a sitting position. This is why many foot spas are operated with one large button on the top which can be pressed with a toe. This allows you to change the settings or turn the machine off and on without having the bend over. Sometimes the spa also comes with a remote control.

Remote control function is great for spa items such as these because you do not want to have to interrupt your relaxing massage/soak for any reason and with a remote control you will not have to move a muscle to get the control that you want over the temperature and functions of the foot bath.


When shopping for a home foot spa or any other home good you should always look for products that come with a free warranty. The best warranties will guarantee the product will work as promised for a lifetime or your money will be returned or the product will be replaced. Most of the products in this list at least have a limited warranty which protects your purchase from parts defects for a certain amount of time after the purchase. Many of the spas listed in the buying list come with a lifelong warranty. A good warranty can pay for itself time and time again in terms of repairs over the years.


What Should I Put in My Home Foot Spa?

Some things are safe to put in your home foot spa and some things are not. Be careful not to put any dangerous chemicals or harsh products in the home foot spa. To enhance the relaxing and therapeutic properties you can add things like bath salts and essential oils to the water. Seaweed can also be added to moisturize and energize the skin.

oil and flowers
  • Bath Salts - Bath salts such as epsom salts have long been used to soothe sore muscles. Bath salts can be scented or unscented and can add an extra layer of healing and relaxation to the massage session. Some home foot spas have a specific area for adding salts and oils.
  • Oils - Essential oils can be added to a home foot spa. One reason to add essential oils to the spa is for aromatherapy. The smell of essential oils can help you relax and trigger certain reactions in your brain. Oils can also be used in the home foot spa to soften the skin of the feet and to improve the smell of feet.
  • Seaweed - The benefit of adding seaweed to the bath is that it can help reduce inflammation. Inflammation in the feet is common as a result of stress on the feet from standing or from health conditions such as arthritis, however seaweed foot baths are one way you can help.

Are Foot Massagers the Same Thing as Home Foot Spa?

Many home foot spas have a foot massager, but not all foot massagers are a home foot spa. A home foot spa is an all in one package that heats the feet, massages them, and improves circulation. There are foot massagers that you can use that do not have water which is the main difference. These home foot spas all use water in addition to massaging and heating because the jets and bubbles in the water are an effective form of therapy for sore feet.

What is the Recommended Heat Setting for a Foot Spa?

You can set the temperature on many of these home foot spas to your liking. Some foot spas have a limit on how hot it can get. For the best results you should start off at a lower temperature and then work your way up to a higher temperature. Once you figure out what you are comfortable with, you can set the timer on the machine to remember your settings while you sit back and enjoy the benefits of your at home foot spa.


If you are looking for the best foot spa on the market our foot spa review lists and comparisons can help. These great foot spas for home are the best-selling models available and our reviews are 100% unbiased. There are lots of nice foot spas out there and the choices can be overwhelming which is why we put together this buying guide to highlight the popular foot spas with great features that can be purchased.

In this foot spa buying guide a list of resources is given for finding the perfect foot spa for home, including features to look for as well as answers to your frequently asked questions, and tips for finding the right foot spa for you. There are many easy to use foot spas available and the current top rated foot spas for home have many great features such as massage, bubbles, vibration, heating, and more. A home foot spa can help to relieve foot pain as well as stimulate overall energy levels and health. We hope that after reading this handy buying guide you have gained further insight into the world of home foot spas and how to shop for them. If you are looking for other massage products you can go straight to our home page and read more about massage tools and accessories

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