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If you suffer from chronic muscle pain or back pain, an electric back massager could help. It is a great way to enjoy the benefits of a massage from home. Compared with a massage therapist, an electric back massage is a more cost effective choice and you can use it any time. In this handy buying guide we will go over some unbiased reviews for the best electric back massagers currently on the market as well as providing an overview of the features you should look for when shopping for the best back massager for you.

Finding the best back massager can be hard because there are an overwhelming number of options available, but comparing and contrasting back massager reviews can help.

There are different kinds of electric back massagers such as a back massager for chair or a back massager cushion. For the best results you should use a back massager with heat because heat will stimulate your circulation and increase blood flow for faster healing.

After reading this handy buying guide, we hope that it is easier than ever to find the best electric back massager for you. Our buying guides only include the best models of electric back massagers that are currently on the market. Each one of the products included in the buying guide have been tested and certified as safe and durable by a trusted third party. These electric back massagers are the best back massagers for relieving back pain and tension. Electric back massagers can also make a great gift for elderly or a gift for your parents, especially if they suffer from chronic back pain.

Electric Back Massagers Reviews

Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

  • 3 different speeds
  • Features 8 deep-kneading nodes
  • 3D-Rotation kneading massage rollers
  • U-shape design with unique nodes

Snailax Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

  • Four neck massage nodes
  • Four back massaging nodes
  • UL approved desktop adapter
  • Easy to use remote control

OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun

  • Stroke Length: 12 mm
  • Nylon 66 and glass fiber
  • Only 35dB - 55dB through 3 speeds
  • Only 2.5lbs, ergonomic and easy-to-use

RESTECK- Massagers for Neck and Back

  • 4 buttons for facilitated use
  • Explore the multipurpose nature
  • Promote proper blood circulation
  • The clever bidirectional kneading nodes

Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

  • Rolling massage
  • Air compression
  • Three intensity settings
  • Waste massage and vibration

Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

  • 3 different speeds
  • Features 8 deep-kneading nodes
  • 3D-Rotation kneading massage rollers
  • U-shape design with unique nodes

This Shiatsu massager can be used for your neck and shoulders as well as your legs and feet. It has three intensity settings which are low, medium, and high which you can customize for your comfort. It features eight deep-tissue massaging nodes that have a heat feature as well. You can turn the heat on and off. After twenty minutes of use the massager will automatically shut off to save energy.

This massager is very portable and is a good portable back massager for use at the office or in the car. It can be taken with you almost anywhere. It comes with a free cloth that can be placed over the massager to make it more comfortable and keep it clean. You can adjust the heat settings on the massage nodes up to 112 degrees fahrenheit to soothe your sore muscles via heat.


  • 20-minute self timer cut off.
  • Three settings: low, medium, and high.
  • Portable design.
  • Goes up to 112 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Comes with free dust-proof cloth.
  • 30-day return policy.
  • Comes with a wall adapter and a car adapter

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Snailax Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat

Snailax Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

  • Four neck massage nodes
  • Four back massaging nodes
  • UL approved desktop adapter
  • Easy to use remote control

If you are looking for one of the best massage chair pads on the market you need look no further than the Snailax neck & back massager. It has four massaging nodes for the neck that can be adjusted separately from the four massage nodes on the back. The back massaging nodes are made to deliver a powerful deep tissue massage, with heat, that penetrates deep to relieve sore muscles. The nodes can move up and down the length of the back to target problem areas in the shoulders, full back, and lower back.

Shiatsu is a type of deep tissue Japanese massage and this massage chair has powerful massaging nodes that replicate the sensation of a real massage therapist’s fingers working out the tension in your muscles. Because these massage nodes are made to deliver an intense, deep tissue massage for powerful relief from sore muscles and stiffness, the manufacturer also added an intensity control flap that allows you to choose between a softer or more intense massage.


  • Four unique shiatsu nodes.
  • Advanced heating option.
  • Two rotation direction options.
  • Spot massage.
  • Vibrational seat massage.
  • Hand held remote control.
  • Detachable washable cover.

OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager

OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun

  • Stroke Length: 12 mm
  • Nylon 66 and glass fiber
  • Only 35dB - 55dB through 3 speeds
  • Only 2.5lbs, ergonomic and easy-to-use

This massage gun is amazing for pain relief. It has a super quiet motor that will operate smoothly for a lifetime without any maintenance required. It is made out of high-quality materials with a protective casing to prevent damage if you accidentally drop it. It also comes with a lightweight carrying case, making it a great tool to take with you to the gym or to the office to relieve muscle pain and tension on the go. This tool is a favorite among physicians, physical therapists, and physical trainers because it offers powerful targeted massage where you need it, whenever and wherever you need it.

It even has a rechargeable battery so you do not have to plug it into a wall. Simply charge it up and take it anywhere with you. It has three speeds and is one of the most powerful percussion drill style hand-held massagers that is currently on the market. When the battery is fully charged you can get about three hours of use out of it. An average massage session is only between ten and thirty minutes so that means you can get several uses out of it in between charges.


  • MAX 3200RPM & three speeds.
  • Accurate percussion.
  • 10 minute automatic shut off.
  • Three hour long battery life.
  • Protective carrying case.

RESTECK- Massagers for Neck and Back with Heat

RESTECK- Massagers for Neck and Back

  • 4 buttons for facilitated use
  • Explore the multipurpose nature
  • Promote proper blood circulation
  • The clever bidirectional kneading nodes

RESTECK makes portable neck and back massagers that are some of the best on the market. They are made out of soft, high-quality materials that will not easily wear or tear over time, and are extremely comfortable. This massager focuses on the neck and shoulders and even has comfortable sleeves for your arms to rest, making sure that the massagers reaches all the right areas to relieve tension.

This back and neck massager comes with a convenient carrying case that is in matching colors. It has four buttons that control the heat and intensity of the massage with ease. It is completely portable so you can easily bring it with you to the office, the gym, or even on road trips. The kneading massage nodes are designed to accurately provide relief to the problem areas of the back and neck. You can use this massager all over the body, not just on the neck and back.


  • Lifetime warranty policy.
  • Eight unique massage nodes.
  • Built in heat function.
  • Deep tissue 3D kneading pillow.

Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

  • Rolling massage
  • Air compression
  • Three intensity settings
  • Waste massage and vibration

This massaging chair pad by Comfier is one of the most high-performance back massagers included in this buying guide because it combines multiple technologies. It has kneading shiatsu nodes that reproduce the finger pressure of a real massage therapist for a deep tissue massage. It also includes such stress-relieving features such as rolling, vibration, and air compression.

The massage nodes can roll up and down the entire back for a full back massage, or you can pinpoint a spot on the back such as the upper back or lower back. You can concentrate the massaging nodes and vibrations to one area of the neck or back, or set it to the entire back for a comprehensive massage. For muscle pain and stiffness, this massaging chair pad can offer powerful relief from your symptoms. It can be placed on a couch, office chair, or dining room chair to enjoy a massage anywhere in your home. It makes a great gift for anyone in your family and included with your purchase is a thirty-day money back guarantee.


  • 2D/3D Shiatsu back massage.
  • Air massage on waist and hips.
  • Heat function.
  • Versatile on the go usage.
  • Full body relaxation.
  • Spot massage or full body.

RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager

RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Massager

  • The percussion technology
  • Powerful Motor and Safety Design
  • Hand held and Cordless design
  • TOTAL of 140 minutes on a full charge

This handheld body massager can be used anywhere on the body. Unlike other handheld massagers which require you to plug them into a wall, this massager can be charged up and run for 140 minutes in between charges. The massage is a percussion type massage that will invigorate sore muscles, relieving pain and tension anywhere on the body. The super quiet motor operates at 3600 pulses per minute. You can use it for about twenty minutes at a time before the massager cuts off automatically to prevent the system from overheating, which is a great safety addition.

There are five interchangeable heads that come with the massager. You can switch them out the heads on the massager according to your preferences and to deliver different kinds of massage. You are not able to use this massager while it is on the charger, so if you are planning on using it as a traveling massage therapist you should keep this in mind. It is a great gift for anyone in your family as it has been tested for safety and performance by the FDA and FCC.


  • Five massage heads.
  • Portable cordless design.
  • 140 minutes of battery life.
  • Stylish and easy to use.
  • FDA registered.
  • FCC certified.
  • 20-minute cut-off time.



  • High quality quiet machine with 5 speeds
  • up to 3000 strokes per minute
  • 7 massage heads
  • Cordless

This is a super powerful professional massage gun made for athletes. If you are looking for a weak massage gun, this high-performance percussion massage gun for self recovery may not be right for you. If you are in need of a powerful, deep tissue massage however this may be the best solution for you. Your satisfaction with the results of this product are guaranteed or the manufacturer promises to give you your money back or a replacement.

The machine operates at five different speeds, almost twice as many as other top-rated massagers on the market. It also has seven different massage heads that you can choose between, allowing you to customize your massage on multiple different levels. There are two rechargeable batteries that are included with the purchase, allowing you to use this massage gun on the go, such as in the office or at the gym. It is a great tool for massage therapists and physical trainers as well, helping athletes recover from muscle soreness or strain faster.


  • Powerful and Quite.
  • Seven unique massage heads.
  • Deep tissue therapy.
  • Up to 3000 strokes per minute.
  • Easy to use button controls.
  • Cordless with 5 hours of battery life.

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager Cushion Pad

Zyllion Shiatsu Massager Cushion Pad

  • Fifteen minute timer
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Overheating protection

This massage chair pad by Zyllion fits perfectly on the chair and is a suitable size for people who are between 5’2” and 6” tall. The massage nodes can go completely up and down your back for a total back massage, or you can pinpoint the massage to your problem areas such as the shoulders or the lower back. It has shiatsu neck massaging nodes that heat up and the heat for the shoulder massage can be turned off and on separately from the rest of the back.

For safety the massage chair shuts off automatically after fifteen minutes. This is great because if you forget to cut off the chair it will not waste energy and it will also prevent unnecessary wear to the product. It also has protection for overheating and is made out of flame-resistant materials. It comes with the necessary power adapter so you are ready to get started right away with your relaxing in your shiatsu massage chair.


  • Full back massage.
  • Shiatsu neck massage.
  • Remote controller.
  • Overheating protection.
  • Velcro straps.
  • High-quality construction.
  • 90-day return window.
  • One-year warranty.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Back Massager

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Back Massager Before purchasing an electric back massager, there are several things you should consider. There are different types of back massagers and each come with their own unique features. To get the best results out of your electric back massager you should tailor the features to your needs. For those who do not want to go to a massage parlor, but need the benefits of massage, an electric back massager can provide powerful relief from symptoms of stress such as tension in the shoulders and neck, as well as provide healing from injury from work or exercise. If you are looking for an electric back massager, you should consider the following things.

Types of Electric Back Massagers

There are different types of electric back massagers. The best type of electric back massager for you will depend on several factors. Electric back massagers have become more and more advanced in recent years and come with all sorts of new features. The biggest difference between the different types of electronic back massagers are probably whether or not they are portable. A big heavy chair back massager will cost a lot more and be a lot more hassle than a small hand held massager, but the results may be worth it.

This is just one example of the different types of electric back massagers and how they differ. Which one is best for you will depend on your budget, why you are looking to buy an electric massage chair, and where you plan on putting it. You will need to account for the space that the massage chair will take up, which is one of the reasons why people prefer to go with a handheld massager or a belt instead. There are also more affordable solutions to an electronic massager than an expensive massage chair. Here is a list of the most popular types of electric back massagers as well as what their benefits are.

  • Chair Back Massager

Chair back massagers are ideal because of how simple they are to use and enjoy. The best back massager for chairs are ones that are comfortable and easy to use. Chair back massagers are great for those with disabilities and limited mobility because they do not require much work to use, and many can be controlled with a handheld remote control or some other type of digital control panel. Many chair massagers come with settings for heat and vibration and can be customized.

Chair back massagers are probably the most expensive choice because they are so large and high-tech, but they may offer the best results for those who can not use a handheld massager. The downside of a chair back massager is that it often can only target certain areas, whereas a handheld massager can be moved around to different areas of the back and body. Massage chairs do not take up much room which makes them a space-saving alternative to a massage bed as well.

  • Chair Pads

Massage chair pads can be used to turn a regular chair into a relaxing spa experience. Chair pads are an affordable way to replicate the effects of a massage chair in your home. Chair pads often cost less than a massage chair and can be fitted over one of your existing chairs. You should make sure that you have the right size chair and chair pad before you buy, in case the chair pad does not fit. Many chair pads have customizable functions and can even heat or vibrate.

When shopping for a chair pad you should keep in mind a few things. The material used for the cushion is important. You will want to find a massage chair pad that is made out of a soft and comfortable fabric and that has some cushioning that will not be painful to lean against or sit on. Sturdy straps to hold the chair pad to the chair is also important as you do not want the massage pad to fall off of the chair while you are using it. If the chair pad comes with a heating mechanism, check for safety certifications and see how it connects to power to make sure that it is right for your home.

  • Belt

A massage belt is a cost effective massage therapy tool that you can use at home to relieve back pain and tension. They are very convenient to use and can treat symptoms such as pain and fatigue after workouts. All you have to do to enjoy the benefits of a massage belt is to put it on and turn it on. The belt is worn around your body and while it massages your back it also helps to aid digestion and can even help you lose belly fat.

They are very portable which means that you can use them almost anywhere, including in the car! A massage belt is a powerful and comfortable massager that is a benefit to athletes because it can be taken with you on the move. If you are pregnant a massage belt will not be the right choice for you, as it tightens belly fat. However, a massage belt can help you lose belly fat and extra weight which is an additional benefit beyond just relieving muscle pain.

  • Handheld Massagers

Handheld massagers are great for pinpointing problem spots and can even be used by another person on you. There are a wide range of handheld massagers that are available. A good handheld massager should come with a variety of settings and speeds of vibration. Handheld massagers also do not usually heat up, so if it does have a heat feature you can consider this a bonus.

In addition to the power and efficiency of the therapeutic massage, you will also want to look at ease of use of the product. The handheld massager will often have an electronic control panel. You will want to make sure that the buttons on the controller are easy for you to use and that you can select the settings that you want for your massage. The electric handheld massage will also need a power source. If the handheld massager runs on batteries this is great because it will not be plugged in, but to save money and decrease waste you should only use rechargeable batteries.

  • Cushion Massagers

A cushion massager is a comfortable form of electric massager. The massage may not be as powerful from a cushion massage as from a chair massager or a handheld massager, but it can still provide some powerful relief to the user. Many cushion massager can also come with heating or vibrating functions as well to enhance the overall experience. When shopping for a cushion massager you will want to select a padded cushion that is made out of a comfortable material. Not only that, but you will also want to review the type of fabric to make sure that it is safe to be used with heat if the cushion massager has a heating function.

  • Tens Units

A tens units is a type of electric massager which uses electrical impulses. This type of massage is great for relieving chronic pain and is ideal for those who can not handle the pressure of a regular massage. The tens units experience is much different from that of a regular massage, but the results are widely the same and include pain relief and increased circulation. Tens units are usually lightweight and portable which makes them easy to use anywhere. They are one of the best electric back massagers for travel.

Heat Features

Heat Features Many electric back massagers will come with heat features. The feature may be a simple on or off, or it could allow you to customize the temperature. Being able to adjust and customize the temperature of your electric back massager is great because some heat features on some models of electric back massagers may be too hot for some people. On the other hand, some people may prefer or need a super powerful heating feature in order to provide the level or circulation that you need to fight inflammation.

The heat feature can make the massage more enjoyable, and increase the benefits. Using heat in combination with pressure and motion will optimize your massage for the maximum amount of benefits. When shopping for an electric back massager with heat features, you should check for the following things. First you should see what the temperature range is for the electric massager and then you should see how to adjust it. Is there a remote control, a button, or a digital control panel? You also want to check to make sure that it is made out of flame resistant materials and that it is safe to use.

Vibrating Features

In addition to heat, another feature that you should be looking for in your electric back massager is vibration. The vibrations from your electric back massager are perhaps the most important part because this is what will deliver the most relief. The vibrations from an electric back massager can be pinpointed on specific areas of the body such as your neck, spine, or shoulders to help stimulate the blood flow and increase healing. The vibrations from the back massager are sometimes adjustable as well. In addition to being able to adjust where the massager is vibrating, you may also be able to adjust how hard or fast it vibrates. The controls for the vibrations should be simple to use such as with a remote control, button, or digital control panel.


When using a massage chair there is a small chance that you may fall asleep while using it. While falling asleep during a massage is not a bad thing, you may want to be able to set a timer on the massage chair so that the massage does not continue for too long. It could be harmful if the massage chair continues to run while someone is passed out on top of it, which is why using a timer is a great safety feature. In addition to safety, using a timer can help you make sure that you do not accidentally sleep through your engagements if you become too relaxed on your massage chair. You may also need to time your massage as a part of your physical therapy routine.

Intensity Settings

The intensity settings on an electric back massager can vary. Many people may find that an electric back massager is too intense for them and is painful rather than helpful, but adjusting the intensity settings can help. An electric back massager with intensity settings is more versatile because you can adjust the intensity based on what part of the back you are massaging. The intensity settings should be easy to use, controlled by either an electric control panel, buttons, or a remote control.

Speed Settings

The speed of the massage can affect the results as well. A faster massage may be more effective at relieving tension, but if it is too fast it could be painful. For a hands free massage such as with a massage chair, turning the speed settings up and down it just one way that you can customize the massage for the best benefits for you. Speed up the massage chair to provide a more intense massage, and slow it down for more relaxation. The speed settings should be easy to use and adjustable via a control panel or remote control. Some massage chairs even have automatic speed which adjusts automatically.


Some electric back massagers are much more portable than others. A heavy massage chair probably will not be able to be carried along on vacation, but if you are a frequent traveler you may be able to take a handheld massager with you everywhere that you go. Portability is important to some people. If you are not planning on using the electric back massager anywhere but in your house this will be less important, but if you need relief from your back pain symptoms anywhere, a portable massager can help. If you decide to move houses, it will be more convenient to have a portable massager instead of a massage chair that needs to be hauled around.

Memory Features

Some massage chairs will remember the settings that you prefer. This is great for your convenience because you will not have to reset the chair or other electric back massager system every time that you use it. The memory feature is also great for the disable or the elderly because someone else can set the chair to how they like it. Having an electric back massager with a memory feature is great for saving time and enjoying the ultimate convenience.


When shopping for home goods you should always keep in mind that a good warranty will pay for itself over and over again in terms of value over the years. A factory warranty is a promise from the company that if anything goes wrong with the product that they produced that they will replace it for free. Like many other expensive home goods, many electric back massagers will also come with a warranty that adds extra peace of mind. A warranty will protect against parts defects and shipping damages and may also guarantee excellent performance for the life of the product.


Are Vibrating Massagers Good for Muscles

  • Are Vibrating Massagers Good for Muscles?

Vibrating massagers provide electric muscle stimulation which is known to bring about an improvement in range of motion in muscles. They are also known to help with blood flow under the skin. They are a common and effective way to relieve discomfort and pain, reduce muscle spasms, restore muscle tone, and rehabilitate parts of the body.

There are many other benefits to electric muscle stimulation. This includes the improvement of joint pain and swelling. It is also known to help reduce the loss of muscle mass and tissue therefore enhancing muscle rehabilitation.

  • Does Vibration Loosen Muscles?

The vibration from an electric massager is known to help relieve tension in the muscle. By contracting the muscles the electric massager increases the blood flow in the area, which helps relieve sore and aching muscles. Many people use electric massagers after undergoing vigorous physical activity to aid with swelling, which helps minimize soreness and keeps the muscle loose. The vibration from the electric massager not only loosens the muscle, but also relaxes the area preventing muscle stiffness and soreness.

  • What is the Best Deep Tissue Massager?

The best deep tissue massager for you will depend on what features you are looking for. Massage chairs offer the best all-over massage, but a portable massager is more convenient for car rides or use in the office. A small, portable massager is also conveniently less expensive and easier to store. The additional heat feature will add extra healing. Look for a high-quality deep handheld deep tissue massager that comes with a free warranty and has been tested and certified as safe and durable. Hand held massagers are perhaps the best massagers for deep tissue massages because they can be easily moved to the problem zones.

  • How Long Should You Use an Electric Massager?

Electric massagers should be used for fifteen minutes to twenty minutes at a time. Most high-quality electric back massagers will cut off automatically after a certain amount of time for safety reasons. A high-capacity massage chair may have longer use than a portable massager. If you use an electric massager for too long it may overheat and cause damage to the system which is why it is important to only use it for the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer of the electric massager.

Electric Back Massagers Comparison Chart

Naipo Shiatsu20-minute self timer cut offBlack15.8 x 6.3 x 8.4 in4.4 pounds 9
Zyllion Shiatsu20 minute self timer cut offBlack13 x 9.5 x 3.5 in4 pounds 9
Snailax ShiatsuFour nodesBlackN/A15.5 pounds9
OPOVE M3 Pro10 minute automatic shut offSilver10 x 5 x 1.5 in2.2 pounds10
RESTECKDeep tissue 3D kneading BlackN/A4.7 pounds10
Comfier Shiatsu2D/3D Shiatsu back massageGreyN/A21.6 pounds9
RENPHOFive massage headsWhite/Grey15 x 3 x 4.5 in1.76 pounds 9
VYBE PERCUSSION500-2400 strokes per minuteBlue/Black15 x 9.8 x 3.3 in3.53 pounds 9
ZyllionOverheating protectionBlack30 x 16.5 x 7.9 in15.4 pounds8


In this handy buying guide for electric back massagers we have given you an overview of the best electric back massagers currently in the market as well as unbiased reviews of the top models. Each of the products that we included in this buying guide are the best selling models of each type of electric back massager. We hope that after reviewing this article you will have an easier time finding the best back massager for you.

Comparing and contrasting back massager reviews can make it easier to find the best one for you because you will have a better idea of what to look for. The amount of options can be overwhelming, but that is a good thing because it means that it will be easy to find the perfect back massager for you. If you are looking for a back massager with heat, you will need to take into consideration a power source, which is just one example of how looking at back massager reviews can help you prepare for buying a back massager for yourself.

Electric back massagers can come in all shapes and sizes. Some, like a back massager for chair, are used in combination with a chair that you can rest back on. These types of electric massagers do not require the help of any additional person and are great for single people and for the elderly. The best back massager for chairs for you will depend on several factors, such as where the problem zones are for you in terms of back pain. Some back massagers focus on your upper back and shoulder, while others are made to focus on your lower back and abdomen.

A back massager with heat is great because heat works along with pressure and motion to increase circulation. Increasing the blood flow and circulation to your back will soothe muscles by releasing the tension. Circulation is how healing occurs and by boosting the blood flow in your back through heat and massage you will increase your healing. If the back massager cushion is equipped with a heating feature you should be sure to check the product listings for safety testing and certification. The best electric back massager for you and your family will not only be effective, but also safe to use for extended periods of time.

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